Saturday, March 26, 2005

Marketing ……Sony style

Cheers erupting around you, you stare into the glare of camera lights with the grin of an Olympic champion. You raise your arms, holding over your head your trophy: the Sony PlayStation Portable, or PSP. Later you are driven home by Sony in a black stretch limo.

This was how PSP was launched in America by Sony.

The much awaited gadgets went on sale at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, and as Sony knew well, there were a lot of people waiting outside the Sony complex at San Francisco for more than 40 hours to be the first one to get his/her hands on the PSP and to go down in history and be talked about in media!

Across the street hung an enormous replica of a PSP, displaying a clock that counted down the seconds until midnight. When the doors were finally opened at midnight, a throng of Sony employees cheered the first customers as if they were conquering heroes. :P

Well according to the ‘winner’, who shelled out $271 for the PSP after all the waiting, nothing else mattered at the moment of the glory.

Sony was getting into psyche-marketing their target customers by hyping the new product and making it available when most of the world was in bed and acting like those who are slumbering are the biggest losers by missing out an opportunity to lay their hands on the first PSP to be launched in the country.

Same tactic had been used very successfully before in the case of Harry Potter books and movies like Star Wars and Passion of the Christ. A successful tactic to build a cult for the product.

Little do people realize that the over-hyped first piece is the same as all the other ones made in the same assembly line with the same set of operations. But then they get to bask in the glare of television lights and media coverage….what people wouldn’t do for 10 minutes of fame!
And for Sony their product gets talked about as the cool thing around these days and they would get free publicity in media after all the stunts they put up at the launch!
A win-win situation.

The 400-odd people who had nothing better to do but wait in life for more than a day has to be a crazy bunch. But thank god for such people so that these marketing gimmicks work as planned.

For a guy who was there in the line throughout, being a member of the first-to-buy club is something that he would be proud for the rest of his life. And when the PlayStation 3 hits the market sometime next year, he says he plans to get in line even earlier.

And to top it, sample a smart dialogue from the winner “To buy without late-night sacrifice is like getting the girl without the chase."



john ivan said...

happy holi....:)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Happy Holi!!!!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Happy holi people.


Vagabond said...

Sony has been no.1 in CE products for last 5-8 years in USA due to its breakthrough technology, it is not just the marketing but grapping the older customer's with new products and features, which makes Sony world leader. It is not right to say that some tricky marketing style is responsible for Sony Success, if you want to know about Sony products just visit this link and you will be amazed with the product line there.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

The emphasis was on Sony's 'marketing style' and not whether sony's success was due to the 'tricky marketing style'.

Hope you get the idea.

Pramod said...

Living your days at a B-School and making fun of stuff that gives you a job at the end of the day eh?

While I am supposedly a tech-freak according to my friends - I never have figured out why would anyone want to be the first one to get hold of a mass produced gadget. Infact my experience has shown that its actually foolish to buy a NEW NEW gadget (I had the first 4MP camera in the market - soon one couldnt even get accessories for that, I also happend to own the 15th iPod sold in Europe - and in 6 months time Apple upgraded iPods and no longer supports mine! - Hope to one day sell it off in eBay as an antique - say in a years time...ha ha ha)


Girl With Big Eyes said...

well well well

ATB for your antique sale.


Pramod said...

Let me know if you'd like to buy it - will give you a special deal!