Saturday, March 26, 2005

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

When someone told me that there are some movies which have turned out to be even better than the books they were based upon, I didn't give it much thought. But I realized it myself when I watched the movie One flew over the cuckoo’s nest yesterday. Had read the book of the same name by Ken Kesey long back and have been saving the movie for the holidays. Bully Nurse Ratched, big chief Bromden and of course candid McMurphy came to life just for me yesterday. :)

The beauty of reading a book is the images you conjure up for yourself….how you give life to the characters by visualising them in your mind. When you watch the movie and the characters fit a T to what you had picturised, there’s nothing like it.

This movie was ditto of the images I had in my mind while reading the novel. Must be one of the biggest factors why I liked this movie so much.

Thalavattam, a super Lalettan hit of mid 80s is based on this novel……...according to Priyadarshan, the director, it is not based on the novel, he just picked up the plot and that's it. Well in a way it's true. Except for the way the movie begins and ends everything else has been commercialized to suit the mallu audience. Mohanlal and Karthika as the nurse falling for each other, the numerous comedy scenes and the typical angry father, who also happens to be the doctor making sure that the fully cured Mohanlal is reduced to nothing but a vegetable!!
Without all this masala in between, the mallu movie would been dry and it definitely wouldn’t have been such a big hit.

But imagine such a plot in the english version with McMuphy and Nurse Ratched pining for each other!!!!


Lost in trance... said...

Ha! now I know y the ending was so un-mallu like ;)

Anonymous said...

thats one pyscho book!