Thursday, March 10, 2005

Today is a very special day....

Know why?!!

OM End term over and I come out with minimal damage, I think? No!

Madhari Dixit gives birth to her second son? No!

India has moved up six notches to the 39th position in the Networked Readiness Index (NRI)? No!

I finish reading The Goal by Goldratt and Cox and wish that I had read it earlier!? No!

Its market research season here at K and I have been getting a chocolate bar for each questionnaire I have filled? No!

Just realised that one more month and I would have shoulder length hair? No!

Bomb hoax in Wipro and I miss all the excitement? No!

My daily horoscope says “you're ready to rock. If it's reckless, you're in. If it's slightly scary, you're in, too. Better warn anyone you expect to be spending any time with today!”? :) No!

I get a special mail today? Yes!

My baby came to life today? Yes! :)

And about time too.

Today I get a mail from my manager announcing the signing-off a very critical project I had been working on. It was heartening to note that I was remembered and was included in the official communication. Nothing can replace these small felicities in life. Thanks Vibu.

This milestone is all the more sweet because this was one of the complex projects for one of the biggest clients at Wipro. Working on that project actually prepared me to face the schedule here at K ;) The project was executed using stable workforce – variable working hours strategy. (OM is still fresh in my mind after the end-term) 16+ hours working days and ever-changing specs and never ending bugs and data issues and ppl moving in and out of the project before you could say “Hello there….” the looming deadlines…….phew!

Working as part of a nearly 100-member team had its own charms. So many people around, everyone a character in himself/herself……but then your dependencies increase too…….A typical day in that project would make a good read. Will pen that down some day. Before my RAM decides to erase it forever.

Here’s to all the people who made ATD a big success.

For the first time after leaving Wipro, today I wish that I could be back there for this one day to see my baby up and running. :)

But only for this one day.


Anonymous said...

Congrats P_R_I_Y_A!! You are always welcome -:))

Jam said...

Congrats Priya,
Good to know that Wipro is one of those companies which still have a few good HR practcies left. But then, I guess it speaks volumes on how good an employee you were too :-)

Anonymous said...

Happened to come across your blog via a few of my REC-K colleagues here :-) (guess ..). Anyways your blogs are a nice read, keep blogging !


(I am sure you might not be easily able to recollect who is Gopa !)

Anonymous said...

Well Jam, I dont like to brag...but if you insist I will have to agree :)

I know who you are referring to...and I know who you are too! Still in Cisco?