Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Udayananu tharam

Udayananu tharam

Finally lalettan delivers.

But I was disappointed. I went for the movie expecting some tear-jerking tummy aching comedy….but what I got was something very different.

It was a meta-movie…a movie about movie making…and a very satirical one at that which takes good digs at the super-stardom in Mollywood. But surely they are exaggerating?!! Do they really change the script the suit the super-stars? I know that there were movies like Harikrishnans which had two endings to cater to different areas....but do superstars in malluland demand to change the script to suit them?

They were also very good digs on Mohanlal and his export business and about all the good actresses retiring after getting married.

Good performances by Sreenivasan and Mohanlal though lalettan overdid it quite a lot in the first 2-3 scenes.

What I liked about the movie were the songs. Liked all of them. Especially parayathe..... which has a haunting romantic tune to it perfected by Yesudas and Chithra and also karale karalinte ….especially the new sound given to it by Vineeth Sreenivasan, who is actor Sreenivasan’s son if I am not mistaken. Really good job by Deepak Dev on the music scene. Karale... is my earworm these days.

Only one spoiler. Why don’t they serve bhajji in the KSFC cinemas? Had to make do with an oversweet cone-icecream :(


ETV said...

Long time since I have watched a mallu movie. What can beat the good old combination of MohanLal and Sreenivasan in "Naadodikkattu"

Anonymous said...

PTS, hope u are doing fine..
me have left a msg at your "Wishes" posting...
and yeah.."parayathe" is hauntingly sweet..something on the lines of "paathiramazha" from yet another haunting movie "ulladakkam"

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi, i am doing very good!

you are VKM right? :) not many people i know of have KH-public library connection.

how are you doing? still with iflex?

and yeah my present hairstyle is even more abominable than what you would have seen in the pics!

Anonymous said...

PTS, you have not lost any of that good brain that got u rank 17 (now, did i goof up with the number?)
It is VKM yours truly, but i must admit that i am flaggerbasted how u got it right to the "k"!! lol
yeah still with iflex,but next month this time, i wont be!!

btw, didnt know that u write so well and that thing about what u noticed about how miss A used to cover her book lovingly, touched a chord out here too!!

keep writing kid..u are doing a great job....
ciao later...

Girl With Big Eyes said...

hey VKM, drop me a mail, will ya...i dont have your mailid.

good day!

Jobin said...

Udayananu Tharam is a really good movie.After a long time I was able to watch a good Lal movie.

But Thommanum Makkulum wasn't good enough.But I made a big mistake yesterday by watching Atbhutha dweepu.Just BS.
My head still aches...It may be the worst mallu movie ever made...

Anonymous said...

Dropped in a mail to your gmail account.

Jam said...

Hey there GWBE

It's great to read a Mallu film review after such a long time. It's been so long since I ve seen a Mohanlal movie that I've actually begun to forget what he even looks like.

BTW, he qualifies as my second most fave actor of all time, running close behind Kamal Haasan.

Hoping to catch more than just a few Mallu movies on Asianet and Surya TV when I get back to Bangalore during my summers.


Arun said...

nice to see an ex-recian's blog,and still nicer to see someone from iimk.
ya,udayananu tharam is a really good movie;atleast that is what you feel if you are someone who watches every Mallu movie that gets released:-)the movie is well directed,technically perfect and the scenes are well picturised.the songs are really good,overall the film is a good entertainer, though I couldnt laugh except at the last few scenes...may be the overdose of chalu mallu films badly affected my humour sense...
And you are right about Vineeth Sreenivasan.In fact,I understand, he has won first prizes in music comp. of State Youth festivals; this had created quite a news then.
btw, dont go to my page,it is not upto blog standards:-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Ahem Arun, trying out negative marketing huh?

Okey, I won't go to your blog :)