Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The AJaX effect!

If you have ever used Gmail, Google Maps, Google Groups, Google Suggest, Flickr, Orkut etc. and wondered why they are so easy to use and so unlike the usual web applications, wonder no more! The answer is a bundle of technologies called AJaX. Or rather Asynchronous JavaScript + XML

So what's it got that the others havent? The Ajax engine makes the interaction between the user and the server happens asynchronously compared to the synchronous nature of the conventional web applications. Simply put, this means that the waiting time for the user is almost completely eliminated.

Sounds cool? Read more about AJaX here.

PS: PJ for the day

If you, for some weird reason decided to name your son Ajax (no questions in the middle of a joke please!), what would you name your daughter?

You would name her Ajay!

(No questions after the joke please. If you didn’t get this joke, most probably you wouldn’t enjoy it too.)


Kirtan said...

Theek hai, won't ask any questions.

Thanks for the link though. Many of my friends were interested in knowing what makes Google Inc. tick

Girl With Big Eyes said...

You are welcome Kirtan.

But I guess it's more than just AJaX that makes Google tick. Innovation is definitely one of them.

Anonymous said...

How is the waiting time eliminated if the interaction between the User and Server is happening asynchronously ?

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you are interested in how/why technology works.
Strong in Biology tooo...ummmm..good.

Arun said...

good addition to my chalu collection...we here in nitc are trying to keep a record (i mean a book) of chalus like this:-)

That looked a bit like MTV Chitto-Chat, say some trivia abt some star (not exactly the same here though) n then some crass joke relating the trivia..!!

Girl With Big Eyes said...


Read the link to know more about AJax.

hey Anon,
You missed out PJs from the list.

Of course the tradition is alive. We had a real chalu gang in our batch, and some of them (who went on to become my colleagues) carried on the tradition to the office too. And of yeah we have one PJ queen also in my batch who is still good at it...or should I say - is bad at it? ;)

You listening .a.?


Arun said...