Monday, April 04, 2005

Can't believe this!

Have been sitting in this room for almost an hour now and I didn't even notice that the fan was not on! This doesn’t happen in Trichur on a normal April day. I must be one of the happiest souls in Trichur today. Yeah…....along with all those people who were crying about water problems.

Today is a beautiful halcyon day, thanks to the rains yesterday.

It poured for an hour. And it was cool and breezy and I maximised my utility of the situation by accompanying the petrichor with a special strong steaming cup of coffee and a Jayaram comedy on TV.

Today the sun is still hiding somewhere behind all those oh-so-welcome clouds. Trichur feels and looks just like Ooty today. Hope it stays like this at least till this Friday.

The fact that I am feeling fat today and that have to start working on my summer project cant spoil my mood today. Thanks to this lovely weather. But I still can’t get over the shock of a discussion I was part of yesterday! (I seem to be running into or eavesdropping or overhearing all sorts of interesting discussions these days!!) This discussion was initiated by a muslim mom of a 2 year old baby and the topic was the Sunnath ceremony of her son. The fact that she brought it up in public right after topics like the width of someone’s saree border and the salt in the fish curry was what surprised me most. I almost choked on my food!

I was even more surprised that everyone joined in that conversation and it went into a detailed discussion which was very informative for a very startled me. I had to remind myself that this was not a usual Group Discussion and it was OK even if I don’t talk and make some style-wala points. God! the things CAT and GDPI does to you! I played the role of a very good listener and made sure that I heard all the points made by both the parties (of course there were the usual for and against parties!) and the mom describing in detail about the entire procedure and how they even celebrated it afterwards. More than the topic of the discussion, it was a nice surprise to see people talking about these things so openly. Something not many people can do. Especially in a conservative place like this.

And also the fact that I could get in touch with a very dear friend of mine (or rather she could get in touch with me! :P), a chubby girl who used to be my partner in crime during schooldays has made my day even more enjoyable today. She has grown-up to be a big girl…and is now a Math teacher! There was a time in my life when I thought that there was nothing better than Math in this world. I considered all my Math teachers to be Gods! Well I guess engineering made me forget all that. Never felt so passionate about anything like that in recent times. :(

Anyways it was great talking to you SS. You still have a heavy but very cute Trichur accent :) Remember Light of Asia and how scared you were to ride pillion in my BSA SLR and later on my Kinetic!!? :)

But you too ditching me and joining the wives’ club! Well at least don’t rush in to join the mothers’ club so fast.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to be the 50th Post!!

Anonymous said...

and that last one was a goof-up too!!
btw..forget abt that A&D that i sent u..its not really worth reading!! i hadnt read it when i sent it to u...

Girl With Big Eyes said...


what was the other goof-up :P
just kidding.

Btw, I dint read that A&D simply because I couldnt download the file. I tried so many times and finally gave up!

Think the universe was again conspiring for me not to read it :)

Good day