Saturday, April 09, 2005

Capital attraction

They say that Delhi has a beguiling charm on visitors.

They say that I can't survive in the heat.

They say that Delhi metro rail is something to see.

They say that Delhiites are big show-offs and snobbishness at its best.

They say that the light and sound show in the Red Fort should not be missed.

They say that choodi bazaar is a girl's shopping dream come true.

They say that at Connaught Place I'll go mad with all the books for sale at dirt prices.

They also say that I'll have to bargain well, which is not my cup of tea...or coffee!

They also say dont miss holy Ganga and Varanasi when I am in UP.

One of them has also has been kind enough to be my e-guide to help tour the city :)

So here I come Dilli. Keep the red carpet ready.


silverine said...

Yup, Delhi is all that you heard
( i've been there). It is a shopper's paradise (ATM card??)but a southies nightmare. You will know when u interact with the locals. btw watch out delhi is no place for a lone girl.... and never go out alone.

Pramod said...

Indeed, Delhi perhaps has one of the worst local cultures in India - spent some time there! Esp. for girls. But if you get into a good "circle" it could be totally different.

But it doesn't have the free-charm of Mumbai.

And the heat can be horrendous (did my summers long back in Delhi! - Thank God we had A/C!!)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

delhi seems to be all that I had thought it would be. The heat is yet to get into full form.

But doesnt seem to be a very safe place for a lone girl :(