Friday, April 22, 2005

Delhi Darshan – Trip 1 Part 2/2

Qutb Minar

Qutb Minar, the victory tower of Qutb-ud-din, was everything and more than what I had imagined it to be. But what I liked the most about the place was the other lesser known structures that surrounded the minar and the Iron Pillar – the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, the tomb of IItutmish, Ala ‘i- Darwaza, the unfinished Ala'i Minar – which looks like an obese coconut tree stump hit by lightning, the concentric cylindrical structure of the minars with a staircase running on the surface of the inner cylinder all the way to the top – could see this in the Ala’i Minar, lots of small small structures erected with the carved columns and stones from Hindu and Jain temples which were demolished by Qutbu'd-Din Aibak – one can see the hindu symbols and writings in all these stones, which was a very sad sight – I had this image of Mr. Aibak dressed in his gaudy emperor clothes, blood dripping from his sword, demolishing and looting each of these temples and bringing the stones and just stacking them up around Qutb Minar – all the while growling a vile victory laughter.

Delhi Haat

Had heard a lot of raving reviews about this place even before I had landed in Delhi. But what I saw there disappointed me. Maybe I was there at the wrong time when not much was happening, but even then there was enough to see.
This place evidently setup by Govt of India to promote tourism and it also does the extra bit of bringing together so many cultures together in such a small place! There were vendors displaying exquisitely embroidered cloth-material from different states, handicrafts, lots of other curios, craftsfolk from different states and of course the food stalls that offered various traditional cuisines – called ‘Foods of India’! Some other things that caught my eye were the very colourful Rajasthani dolls, the Bihari art paintings, miniature sculptures of Ganpati in different poses, a very interesting cigarette case and Rajasthani women putting mehendi designs for obliging customers like me.

India Gate

The last stop was the India Gate. A War Memorial dedicated to 70,000 Indian martyrs of World War I and illuminated with very strategically placed golden lights, it looked really classy in the night situated bang in the middle of bustling Delhi traffic. Walking along the rajpath, I couldn’t help but think about the thousands of walks I had taken on the NIT C Rajpath :)

So that winds up my first sight seeing trip around Delhi. At the end of the day I had – beautiful mehendi patterns on my hand, loads of pics on my camera, a song in my heart and the taste of bhelpuri and gola in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

With all due respects to Mr Aibak, the best thing abt the Qutub is that huge iron pillar and the popular belief that if you stand with your back to the pillar and hold your hands around it, all wishes can come true !

Or...Maybe you are just too old to believe in such stuff ;-)

Anonymous said...

hai chachi,

i am doing mba in chennai.
also C.S
thrissur pooram kolamaye.

'kochianiyan" simply superb.u deserve what u r.
enjoy ur delhi trip

tata tata ...

Girl With Big Eyes said...


I'd have never relinquished a chance to get a wish by doing something as simple as that. But FYI, the pillar is enclosed now and it's service is not available to wish-mongers anymore. :)