Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dilli se Dil se

I realised that I can get depressed just by listening to Dil Se songs on the way to work.
Even though it’s a beautiful day outside and a just-rained-in-the-middle-of-the-summer-Delhi can be so much better than Delhi.

A dog fell in love with me (or was it with the cookie box in my bag?) today and followed me all the way to the cab. Never letting me out of his sight! Brrrrrr….I hope he won’t be waiting for me in the evening. Stalker doggie!

Shopping is an instant cure for headache.

Especially shopping for books and cookies :)

New sneakers, especially if they are white, can be so bright that you have to get a pair of dark shades to block the glare.

And of course you also need freshly baked cookies from Cookie Man after all that running around in the shops – I spent one night doing the case study on a cookie-making enterprise in OM I and so don't I deserve to try them out?
I like their punch line - "For over forty years we have been turning dough into dough."

It’s not a good idea to eat a half a kilo of yummy cookies all at one go without sharing. You may love it, but your tummy may not. The day after can be depressing too.

I like Delhi. Don’t be jealous Bangalore. You come first.

Limp handshakes can be a major put downer for the day. I don’t want to be a handshake consultant, but dude if you are reading this, do think about it. I mean well.

Riding in a tonga can be depressing too. Especially if the guy starts panting mid-way and looks like before-part of a Glucose ad and all you can do is curse your 50+kg of body baggage.

The Will Smith starrer Hitch is a very predictable and so-so movie. But thank god for malls and multiplexes, you can have a good time even if the movie you went for didn’t deliver like you had expected.

It was the 15th birthday of Hubble Telescope yesterday and here are the party pics.

Am not depressed anymore. Final credit goes to the new game on the block – Guess the Google!


Anonymous said...

Just hope the dog is a docile one (a silent stalker if you please) and not one of those wild things that remind you of the movie Psycho...take care ;-)


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Well well, that smiley says more than what you had typed.

Trying to scare this already-scared-of-dogs person?


Anonymous said...

"depressed just by listening to Dil Se songs"
One of the best hindi albums of A R Rehman..
"satrangeere" by sonu nigam is sung in a beautiful, soul moving and passionate manner (Particularly the lines "mujhe maut ki gaud mem sone dai"..
"Ay ajnabi" is udit narayan at his best..
"Jiya jale" is ashaji's one of the better songs after 90's..
- you know who (who else always comes back to object and argue about one of your remarks!!)

Anonymous said...

oops oops....that was meant to be lataji and not ashaji..
-same guy

Girl With Big Eyes said...


The songs are depressing just because of the perfection in depiting the melancholy.