Thursday, April 21, 2005

A love-nest in New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

I loved the movie Alaypayuthe (Saathiya in Hindi). And I get to see such a lovely couple and to live in their lovely home daily. Sapna didi and Kulu bhaiyya – perfect for each other and perfect with each other!

But the best thing I felt about staying with them is – it’s just like staying in a bachelor pad.

No rules. Nobody forces you to eat spinach for the iron. You can sleep till whenever you want. Junk food (like chaat or pizza) will be counted as legitimate dinner. You can go without food if you like. You can watch cartoon network and F.R.I.E.N.D.S and will have great company for that too. No one scolds you when you feel like eating some chat-pata just before dinner. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable and switch channels when something hot comes on TV and people don’t try to hide behind newspapers. And of course the charm of home-cooked food can’t be lauded enough! And the warmth of the love and caring of a very lovely couple.

It’s got the best of both worlds – lovely feeling of being at home and the freedom of being on your own.

Home sweet home indeed!


Anonymous said...

err...Didn't quite get the Saathiya connection ? And I thought I'd seen the movie 5 times (all 3 languages put together, of course)


Girl With Big Eyes said...

How about the love-nest connection?


Anonymous said...

Oh pls...They fight in 90% of the movie and get back in a contrived climax and you are comparing this lovely couple with them :O Kullu bhayya is going to be so mighty offended !!

Girl With Big Eyes said...


Someone is majorly exaggerating.

To me it is a beautiful love story and perfectly matches the movie story - except for the fights.

By the way Kulu bhaiyya is definitely going to be mighty offended cause someone has missplet his name :D

Anonymous said...

Kulu Bhaiyya,

Galti ho gayi meri, maaf karna. Pls also teach me how to spell misspelt.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Today is definitely not my day.

No more comments for today.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd finally won ONE argument today but looks like a pyrrhic victory :-(