Tuesday, April 05, 2005

NIIT scientist wins........

.....Dewang Mehta Award for Innovation in Information Technology. The award was given for a study that spanned over 15 years and this study proved that incidental learning with minimum human guidance is effective.

Well in some cases the students dont have a choice. This happens in almost all Engineering colleges...especially the Computer Science departments, for want of experienced profs in the subject.

I did have a couple of young and dynamic professors who were very passionate about what they taught and were good at their subjects and I think a little bit of that passion did rub off on the entire batch. I’d have bunked the whole of software lab if it had not been for those rays of light! But then still wondering whats the purpose of conferring a BTech degree in Computer science without teaching anything about the basics of Software Engineering!

And now a computer science engineer is going to learn Software Engineering principles in her MBA!

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evuraan said...

NIIT as in the member of HCL Insys family, which used to offer the +gNIIT and shiat, with an inflated fee structure?

If so, since when did they started to have professors there? That NIIT is so cheap, all my friends fled within a week or max two.

Oh wait. Perhaps, things changed over the time, as much water went under the bridge.

Or some other institution?