Monday, April 25, 2005


E-mails a big threat to IQ!

People who constantly write e-mails / text messages and attend phone calls suffer a greater loss of IQ and concentration than those who smoke marijuana, says a report in The Guardian quoting a recent study.

Dr Glenn Wilson, a psychologist at King's College, London University, who conducted a survey for technology major Hewlett Packard, says: "It is obvious that full concentration is impossible when we have one eye on e-mails or text messages."

"We found that mental performance, the capability of the brain, was also reduced. Workers cannot think as well when they are worrying about e-mail or voicemails. It effectively reduces their IQ," says Wilson.

This 'infomania' distracts workers, lowers productivity, and causes a reduction in mental capability equal to a loss of ten IQ points as the brains suffer from information overload, says the study.

The tests conducted on 1,000 volunteers showed that tapping away on a mobile phone or a computer keypad knocks ten points off your IQ, while you drop only four points on smoking marijuana. More than 60 per cent of those surveyed admitted to being e-mail and text addicts.

Wilson also suggested that the 'modern culture of information could cause a permanent drop in intelligence.'

"The impairment only lasts for as long as the distraction. But you have to ask whether our current obsession with constant communication is causing long-term damage to concentration and mental ability," says Wilson.

And here I was thinking that the root cause was my age!


Anonymous said...

You mean to say ..Soon in IT industry no IQ !! …
IT Companies ! think about Intelligence !!! -:))

Girl With Big Eyes said...


There was a day when my Sent folder count increased by 1000 odd mails within a span of 8 hours.

Had to say it was a pretty hectic day. :)

Of course I was on bench on that day!

Celia said...

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