Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Random thoughts from Delhi

A topview of Kerala from the window seat of an airplane looks almost like that of a lady’s head with lush hair and with a mushroom cut and several meandering partings. It looks beautiful.

The same view of Hyderabad looks like that of a bald head with dandruff.

And delhi looks like a crowned head – the huge crown full of sparkling diamonds.

Some more....

Air Sahara has very cute male flight attendants who don’t dare to look you in the eye.

At time, nose bleeds are to be taken lightly.

All company guest houses need not look like 5 start hotels. There are very humble ones too. The ones where you share the room with a zillion cockroaches and which serves the worst coffee I have ever tasted.

There are die hard free-riders who don’t even bother to make a 7-slide ppt which was a mandatory requirement by the summer intern firm.

A room with 10 half-MBAs from all over the country can be something like a lost-siblings meet. Same lingo, more or less same kind of thoughts, same college stories, same whinings - We gel instantly.

Not everyone who looks and acts smart is smart.
But most of the people who look and behave dumb are dumb.

Everything that looks like a paratha need not taste like a paratha.

There are some people who have typical look-alikes in all parts of the world. And you always get fooled for the first one minute when you meet the dupes.

The housewife profession is no less challenging than that of a Project Manager's.

24 hour A/c can cause disastrous headaches.

Some people here don’t take bath 3 days in a row – and since it doesn’t sweat in Delhi, they manage; And I manage putting up with them too.

A coffee vending machine that serves coffee perfect to my liking is the best thing that has happened to me in the last 4 days!

Oh yeah, the other best thing is my consultancy summer project :)


Anonymous said...

Have heard that u get pirated copies of "satanic verses" at the connaught..
your dupe is also gwbe? :-)
she mite be good, but she is not a mallu after all, is she?
enjoy your summers...and hopefully u wont oblige any hair dressers in the capitol!!

Anonymous said...

haha...was a nice read.seems like u r having a great time out there!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Am yet to explore the place. Waiting for the weekend for that.

So far so good :)

Amit said...

Well what you guys call parantha in Kerala are not actually paranthas. I guess they are something else and what u must have eaten in Delhi are actually paranthas...
I guess once u stay there for some time you would not like to come back...Delhi just keeps absorbing ppl from all over the country...

Ok here are some places which u can visit...

GK Market, South Extension, Ansals, Ghungroo(Disc), ride in metro, India Gate :-)(Go there in the night, it can be very romantic),Revolving Restaurant, PVR,eat at those road side rest and they taste far better than those 5 stars, Anyways if u find time eat at Maurya Sheraton and there can be so many more things. Just not enuff time for me write down all of them. None of them are like tourist places just chill out places.Mostly I have written places in South Delhi...
Njoy! n have a nice time...It cant get better than this :-)

Lost in trance... said...

"Everything that looks like a paratha need not taste like a paratha.
" U betcha!!! The frozen crap you get here is anything but.

And hey, did u notice that ur page is churning up lotsa pop-ups? intended?

Anonymous said...

hai chachi,

only on this 13th i came across ur blog. lot of nonas (malayalam) in ur blogs. paksha kollam. njanum oru mba vidhyarthi annu.

those pics of iim-k was really gorgeous.

i am in chennai now. kochikarananu njan.

ur one of the rarest of rare species. b'cuse conversion from our kochu keralam to IIM and IIT's are miniscule. even in that girls v.v.vrare. but u proved it wrong.

congratulations from this aniyan

adiyan karthik

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey LiT,
The popup problem should be something common to blogspot. Since I have a popup blocker, I din't know about this till you told me.

Oh yeah, parathas are better now as I now I have the luxury of having homemade food :)

Dear koch(i)aniya :)
Nice to see your footprint. Btw, you are in CUSAT?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Amit,

I did get to see some places in South Delhi over the weekend.

The capital is really capital :)

Amit said...

Good to hear that...
Hope u have some more great time.