Friday, May 27, 2005

The BIG difference a T-shirt can make!

I am glad I carried my Media Cell IIM Kozhikode T-shirt out here to Delhi. It’s a black Tee with IIM Kozhikode that one cannot miss. I make sure that I wear it on all Fridays (when casuals are allowed) and whenever else I get a chance. Why?

6. I or K?
I don’t know why people have the misconception that K is the youngest IIM. Every single person who I have talked to about K, believed with conviction that IIM Indore was established before IIM Kozhikode. Not that it’s of any significance, considering the fact that junta had seen the news of an IIMK student bagging a foreign offer of 37 lakhs in the last placement season and remembered it well enough to bring it up in our conversation. I make sure that I tell them – No, it was IIM Kozhikode which was set up before IIM Indore. And yes, we have our own campus. And yes oh yes, it’s a resort where they teach. :) Some lucky ones get to see the pics in my laptop too.

5. My contribution to Kerala tourism.
Once they see the pics of IIM Kozhikode and some other typical-all-green-Kerala-pics 60% of the people I have interacted with have made plans to make a trip to Kerala to experience the hill stations, trekking trails on Wayanad, houseboats in the meandering backwaters, the tree-houses, Guruvayoor temple and what not!
Venugopal ministerji, are you listening?

4. Networking.
I make more acquaintances on the day that I wear this T-shirt compared to the other days. It’s so easy to start a conversation when the topic is already in place and you are very passionate about it And the biggest advantage is that the IIM tagged T-shirt attracts only the right kind of people and keeps away those 100% flirts who hit on anything female at every chance they get.

3. Media Cell at work among the junta.
There have been people who have come up to me and talked to me with genuine interest about IIM Kozhikode – in some cases the conversations have spanned more than half an hour. I am happy that I have spread the ‘light’ of IIM Kozhikode among a small population in Delhi/Noida.

2. Can you pronounce it?
There’s a catch. You have to do it in the mallu way. :)
No one I have met here (I am talking about the Northies) recognise IIM Kozhikode when I pronounce ‘Kozhikode’ in the way it is to be done – that is the ‘zhi’ is pronounced the way Americans roll their rs. When I say Kozhikode, people look at my lips, amazed at how I am able to produce such a sound! Most of them try their best but still can muster only Korikode or Kosykode!
Yeah it’s very cosy out there in our campus. :)

1. My fav reason
It makes the men look up from their ‘usual angle of vision’ and look up at me as something else other than just a member of the opposite sex to be looked at from head to toe when she passes by. The mix of respect, awe, incredulity, a little bit of jealousy in their faces is what makes my day!

But then this applies to only a small percentage of the population who know what an IIM is. Sadly, the rest stick to their usual ‘angles of vision’.


timbaktoo said...

u identity 'crisised' sadist
or what??

Jithu said...

hi priya,
seeing the fotos of iim "cosy-code" and the surroundings, located in my own kerala, feel like nostalgic and also thinkin y i didnt go to K...

Anonymous said...

Usual angle of vision in deed!
ROTFL :=))
You sure are getting on with a tad sarcastic humour style...not that I am complaining...good read, that, as usual and this time, good job too. May the IIMK flag fly higher!


Abhi said...

why did i do this.why did i leave behind my IIM C tee shirt at the hostel.atleast sum female wud hav looked at me , forget about particular angles of vision.

dinu said...

I don't think you liked the "REC Calicut" Tee this much.. :-)

And, I thought IIMK stood for IIM Kattankal or IIM Kunnamangalam.. Easier to pronounce too :-)

Jupe said...

K is older than I ? Oh, I didn't know that...As for the rest of the stuff, my stand on college tees is diametrically opposite so we'll leave that argument for another rainy day :-) Nice post to read though !

Girl With Big Eyes said...

You are welcome to K any day on a small visit.

IIMK's flag is really flying high here!

Considering the dirty yellow colour and the great design on the Tee, I am sure that you wont find even the designer of the T-shirt wearing it :)
But then I have the Ragam 2005 Tee with me and I do wear it around.

I am really surprised to hear this from such a well researched person (on B schools) like you!! Shame shame. And of couse we can have that 'discussion' on a rainy day. But only if there's coffee involved. :P

LI said...

Though it is "Kozhi" and not "Kozi" , found people from IIM Kozhikode who doesnt knew how to pronounce Kozhi to be the real Kozi Kozhis among all summer interns ;-D

Jupe said...

"Well-researched"....roflmao...I didnt know wot S P stood for when I joined there...the only thing that mattered was that I'd live in a city I'd never been to.. and of course, I'd definitely get a job after 2 yrs :-p

I said 'argument' but u want a 'discussion'. Has everyone turned Gandhian ? Neway since U brought kaapi into the pic, I assume U r treating so me game anytime....slurpppppppp..... :-p

ps: Its not raining here..Its pouring...Ever seen a fully submerged Getz ?

Girl With Big Eyes said...


Remember the old saying about dog's tail. I guess the same applies to human's tongue too or should I say 'nothie's tongue' at the risk of triggering one more northie southie comments war!

Lost in trance... said...

"The usual Angle of Vision" - hmm...i hate it when ppl generalize so easily, but hafto agree(an MCP-like sheepish grin on mah face) on this one :O)

But HEY, i dont think all the gals complain...;)) Blame the culprit T-shirts, not our genes :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

LiT, this is another Which-came-first-chicken-or-egg-type paradox. It could go on and on.

Your logic of blaming the T-shirts was even in the papers trying to justify the rape cases!

Btw, I think generalisation in this case is a very good approximation. Ppl who dont indulge in those 'visions' form a minority. Ask any girl.

ubergeek said...

Hi GWBE: I'm late on this post. Nice 2 know that u've also taken on active PR for K. Remember me cajoling you into ditching XL and I ;-) Did u manage 2 get anybody to do sthng like that? I'm sure you must have :-)

Lost in trance... said...

i dont wanna justify nething...& i agree with u...just that i'm not convinced its a totally bad thing ;) !!!