Friday, May 13, 2005

Gaming - ammo for your grey cells?

Isn’t that something you always told your mom when she screamed at you for gaming continuously for hours on end without even bothering to have your dinner, but she never believed?

The Tribune also takes side with mummy. While glorifying the 10K computer from India in its editorial, Tribune goes a little bit further to say that “Encore’s computer will not have the facility to play games, which will enhance its value in the eyes of parents.........”

I can imagine my mom, if she comes to hear about this computer, deciding right away to replace both our PCs at home with this 'gameless' one.

But not so fast. An HR at Charles Schwab quoted - “The people who play games are into technology, can handle more information, can synthesize more complex data, solve operational design problems, lead change and bring organizations through change.”

Reason for all those gaming freaks who want to clear CAT, make it big and ‘bring organizations through change’ to be happy and to hold on to that joystick with a renewed passion. :)

Next time you go for an interview don’t be surprised if things take a very surprising turn.

HR - “Do you like Video games? Have you been playing it right since childhood?”

You, the impeccably dressed but nervous Interviewee, breaks into a sweat as he/she decides whether to go by the Harischandra route or whether to portray a games-are-for-sissies attitude. Finally you decide to keep it short and sweet and go for it.

YouGulp "Yes."

HR – "Good. You are hired. Here’s your spot."

You - Speechless.

HR - Aloud Placecomm, please filter the resumes according to the hobbies. I want to see all those who have put Video games as their first or second hobby. Yes. You heard me right. Only first or second.

But then it remains to be seen whether the same HR would like it if you pursue your 'business-skill enhancing' hobby in the office.


Here’s something more for all those CAT-aspirants and those who love to simply tickle their grey cells and those who are plain vela and those who are puzzle freaks and of course those who wanna prepare for an Infy placement test.

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