Tuesday, May 03, 2005

In search of a tree to hug

I came across this piece of text…………

"Beyond human beings, we are nature beings, created from the same source as animals, plants, even rocks. The earth calls for us to connect so that we can feel balanced and whole; a part of the universe. All jokes aside, hugging a tree feels good. The strength of wood is a comfort in its solidness and we feel supported when we lean against a tree. It feels natural to wrap our arms around the trunk, as if the tree is hugging us back. The leaves sing to us on a breeze, reminding us that we are loved."

…………and reading it made me feel so good that I decided to hug a tree and to ‘connect’ with nature! I could picture myself hugging a tree with BLISS written in Garamond and 30 size font all over my face.

Someone always says when you feel so strongly about something, you should go ahead and do it at the nearest opportunity.

So today morning during my morning walk, I went in pursuit of a huggable tree for the experiment. A tree-hug cannot get better than an early morning one when both the parties are fresh.

But it wasn't as easy as I had thought it would be. It's definitely not find the nearest tree and hug it. Only when I started to look for a tree that I found out that the decision tree had more branches than a normal natural tree. And I also had to turn down lots of specimens mainly because

- Some of them grew so close to the wall enclosing the colony that I wasn’t able to ‘hug’ them properly.

- To be frank, some of them did not look good enough for me to even include them in my consideration set. (My dear trees, no offence meant. But you were just not my type.)

- Some of them were already being used to ‘connect’ to the nature by the doggies in the colony that even before I approached the tree, my olfactory senses started saying "No way I am gonna go near something that smells like that".

- 70% of the specimen available for my inspection were neem trees. And a neem tree somehow gives me the itchy feeling – must be it’s connection with Chicken pox. How can I hug such a tree when my mind says NO?

Finally I found the perfect tree. A small tree with a pretty little creeper hugging it like no one can! I made my bold move, ignoring the questioning glances from the other joggers and the kids in their complete school gear waiting for their tonga. I hugged the tree slowly but surely. I slowly encircled the tree with both my arms and gently pressed my cheek to the trunk. I have to admit it did feel good. It felt so good that I closed my eyes, squeezed the tree lovingly, absorbing the energies the tree was happy to give me in return. I could imagine the satisfied smiling face of the tree and felt very proud and happy about myself.

Total hugging time - Has to be close to 5 minutes.

But little did I know that I was allergic to that pretty looking creeper. I got rashes on my hands and my cheek and I feel like I have chicken pox and someone is throwing neem leaves at me and it's prickling like hell!

Tomorrow I am gonna hug a tree after doing a proper allergy test.


Anonymous said...

haa haa...while you are at choosing just the right specimen to hug, do take care of the species glorified by your previous blog entry...otherwise after today's neem itches, it just might turn out to be another ANTi Climax for you tomorrow ;-)


Girl With Big Eyes said...

ha ha

Good one.


Anonymous said...

ALL the best GWBE!

jenn see said...

big fat old-man oak trees that you can barely fit your arms around are the best. feels like theyre hugging you back.

Anonymous said...

priya was this another story ,, no i guess ??? its a unique idea nyway ,, make sure there are no more ant- i climaxes , hehe :)

bachelor ........

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks for the tip Jenn see.

Will try it out.