Monday, May 23, 2005

It's not all hunky dory here.....

These days all taxi drivers and auto drivers or anyone who in Delhi look like potential rapists to me. Not to mention how I avoid those sleazy looking jaywalkers in the road like the plague. Maybe I am overreacting, but it IS scary! Everyday you have at least one page coverage on rape cases and then you have a half a page ad that gives women tips on how not to get raped! Maybe I too should get one of those Pepper spray cans.

Made plans to go for a movie with friends over the weekend and what do I hear? Bomb blasts in two cinemas here over some silly (maybe not so silly for the people who planted the bombs) religious issue.

If I just say that its hot in delhi these days it would be an understatement. Everytime I go out it feels like I step out into a huge sauna bath....Sauna bath in formals anyone?
The situation is not very different even if one ventures out only after sunset. And if you thought you could get back home and cool yourself by having a nice cold shower, you are very much mistaken. The water would still be hot enough to make Maggi noodles in it. So what do I do daily? Run around the entire house and collect the first cup of cool water from all the taps!
Maybe today I should try out ice cubes.

Isn't it just too expensive in Delhi? Come summer you definitely need those ACs/Coolers for a comfortable sleep. Come winter and you need to spend an equal amount on geysers etc to keep yourself warm.

And not to mention the distance one needs to travel to get to some place.

Thanks to the above and many more other reasons, Delhi is currently not in my consideration set of cities I would want to finally set up my little home.


Amit said...

But Delhi still rocks! Isnt it?

Even when capital city is plagued with so many malices, there are so many ppl are who are settled in Delhi and anybody asks them to settle anywhere but delhi and they'll show that sweet little finger of theirs...

Its just amazing how ppl get used to a place and would never like to leave that place even for good...

Lost in trance... said...

its a crying shame, for a capital city to be dreaded so much, where pepper sprays and thingys like that become a norm of life !!!
but then, whoare we to point fingers, especially when li'l kerala heads the list?

Anonymous said...

" So what do I do daily? Run around the entire house and collect the first cup of cool water from all the taps!"

Ha Ha Ha.. well i know ur plight should not be funny but it is! If u are running around catching the first cup of cool water, make a home video of that please, i plan to enter it into "the world's most funniest videos!" :)
- Maverick

Rohit Anand said...

i totally agree it is absolutely burnin in delhi these days.But u kinda get used to it after living here for a few years.

And u'll fall in love with the delhi winters.They are o-sum!

@amit... the arrogance of delhi-ites does not stem from their love of Delhi but from their know-it-all attitude.
You give 'em a better place they'll be most willin to leave Delhi.


A born n bred Delhiite :P

Amit said...

Rohit: I wasnt pointing out the arrogance, rather the nonchalance was something i was pointing out.

I love Delhi myself...This is the first place in my list of cities where I would finally like to settle down.

Priya : Just be in Delhi for 2 years n then Delhi will be in your list too :-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Delhi rocks. But thats not enough for me!

You are right. But then this was something I hadn't expected in a Metro like Delhi!

Will reply to your comment when I talk to you next.
It's not funny when a good friend enjoys the drizzle and breeze in Bangalore and laughs at my plight here :(

You get used to the heat?? Well I am not sure about that. Every single conversation I've had with the Delhi-ites I've met have gone around to whinings about heat...and No, I wasn't the one who starts the whining.

Good day ppl.

Matter of Choice said...

I had a friend (in engg college) who was a pukka jat delhi guy. The guy used to bring gajjar ka halwa every winter to the college. i fell in love with the sweet and the city after that. i have unfortunately never visited the city :(

Anonymous said...

ha around the entire house!! just keep a bucket full of water in the will be cool in the evening!

Anish said...

just wait for thw winters...delhi will rock then...but yeah the crimes against women are appaling.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Gajar ka Halwa!! Yum! Slurp! Drool! I hope that is the dessert for today's lunch. Matter of Choice, now all I can think about is Gajar ka Halwa.
By the way, that's a very strange reason to like a city, isn't it? :)

Yeah, that's what I stared doing after a couple of days. But then Delhi seems to have cooled down a little bit now. The evenings are actually pleasant!

I can't wait for winters. I am on 'summer' training. Winters would be placement season at K!

Amit said...

Hey Priya,

Ditto my attitude towards the city, after having lived here for 6 weeks. Now I'm happy that there are only about 10-12 days to go before my project ends.

And whatever anyone says, whatever I've seen of Delhi over these weeks would definitely affect my decision if someone asks me to settle here... for a long time to come.


Nikhil Kulkarni said...

So much discussion on the location of a city to settle down!!
Mind you, come placement season all you will think about is a good profile and a good salary ... one of the perils of doing an MBA is that every company expects u to be 'mobile' and open to location leaving u with hardly any choice for deciding ur city to settle down!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Cheers! :)

I'd beg to differ with you. My first 2 criteria are nothing related to profile and salary. They figure further down in the priority list. :)

Jules Pagliaro said...

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