Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Noisy rendezvous under the cubicle

It's 21:20pm on a Monday. Am sitting in office minding my own business, which includes doing competitor analysis, sprucing up the project report, checking mail every 5 minutes and chatting with my K juniors.

Me and the tech guy are the only people in the floor. Usually, as soon as the other people leave for the day, this guy hogs the telephone and starts calling up all his ‘friends’, who, apparently have such shrill voices that though I try not to listen, I end up hearing most of their conversations, which by the way is nothing but balderash....…I would have enjoyed it if it was a little mushier or even a little bolder. But this is just talks about mundane stuff and lots of hmmms and aahs and haans.

Today the tech guy decided to do something different. He arranged for a meeting with his ‘friend’ in the office and his friend, according to him, has threatened him that she would run away to Gujarat if he doesn’t marry her. Which by the way had me wondering why on earth was this guy telling me his problems in life. I realised the reason after 10 minutes.

He wanted my sympathy. So that I won’t complain when he brings his ‘friend’ inside the office at 9:30 in the night when there’s no one else in the floor. But unfortunately for him, these days I am working late and working hard on my project. How he would have cursed me and my project!

Right now, while I am typing this, the tech support guy and his ‘friend’ are engaged in some ‘friendly antics’. That too some highly noisy friendly antics!

God! If this is the case how do you expect me to complete my project in just 3 more days? Or is this some kind of test for me from you after CAT? A test on whether I’ll be a good employee and report this to the ombudsperson or whether I’ll be a sympathetic romantic at heart and go out for a walk and give the friends some space or whether I can shut out all distractions and churn out gyan on business strategy?

Why me?!

Hmmm on second (very wicked) thoughts, maybe this is the time to put my camera phone to its use and come out with some tehelka style pics! Very wicked smile!

Now the ‘friend’ is telling the tech support guy how she was vomiting yesterday!

And she is crying!

Hey bhagwan! Tomorrow I am bringing my headphones to work.


Anonymous said...

Story seems to be good priya!! Pls . continue !!!...What a romantic Project??? -:))

silverine said...

LOL....sounds so much like my office floor. Except that 'friends' are not allowed in as it is an IT co. Which deprives me of the melodrama you mentioned in your blog.

Arun said...

ithu moshamalle..ingane olinju nokkanathu;-) cheetha kutty!!mindoolla:p
All Wishes for your Project.

Jithu said...

in this post, i can see a hidden motive of urself..

to show that u r so workoholic that u work late hours in the office, that too during summers!!!

now u say v shud believe that

Girl With Big Eyes said...

No comments :-)

Hmmm...well you don't need an outsider 'friend' for such a situation to arise, do you? Look hard and thou shalt be successful :)

Thanks for the wishes Arun.

You are making a big assumption here! My office hours are 11 Am-7 PM, some of the other trainees here work from 3 PM to 11 PM and some from 7 PM to 3 AM.
But yeah I am working late, that too during summers, but then isn't it norm to slog the last couple of the days before the deadline?

Btw there is no hidden motive =:)

Jithu said...

:-) practicing JIT!

btw my summers is also gonna end on friday! so slogging hard here:-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Absolutely :)

ATB for your final bang pres. Join the slogging-till-friday club.


Anil said...

Great story, and I must say that I'm curious to see if your phone cam pictures will surface here ;-) (*fingers crossed.. hoping*)

Amit said...

I am really amazed at the frequency with which one single human being keeps encountering such readable and entertaining moments. Or am I assuming too much here? Are they just something too read about and forget...Nothing actually happens...If that is so, please do try your hand at story writing :-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Fingers cross karne se kuch nahi hota Anil :)

Are you trying to say that you have a very boring life? :P
Well, I guess everything depends on how you look at situations. Remember a quote that goes something like Sometimes even a person with good eyes can be blind.
Keep your eyes and ears open, I am sure you will find similar stuff in your life too.

monu said...

hehehe ..i want to know weather u finished u r project in time :D

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Come what may, the project will be finished this Friday.

That's the power of JIT :)