Thursday, June 09, 2005

Feeling safe in the confines of my home after a stint at the rape capital. But then news about rape is something that stares at your face everyday, whether you like it or not. Take a look at this!

It’s full of horrific stories of young women in the shanty towns of Darfur. There rape seems to be not an act of random criminality, but a planned systematic campaign to petrify the civilians and make them flee the place.

An extract from the article that has become a mind worm for the past two days -

I'm still chilled by the matter-of-fact explanation I received as to why it is women who collect firewood, even though they're the ones who are raped. The reason is an indication of how utterly we are failing the people of Darfur, two years into the first genocide of the 21st century.

"It's simple," one woman here explained. "When the men go out, they're killed. The women are only raped."

First it was the news about Economic Hit Men who executed a meticulously planned programme to takeover poor and vulnerable countries and now this – using rape to shoo people away from a place!

Can it get worse than this for women? :(


Amit said...

Literally speaking Yes. Like what happens in our country. Getting the proposal from rapists to marry the victim to evade the much deserved punishment. On top of that court asking the victim about her thoughts. Whole idea sucks!

But yes its really sad that there are no measures being undertaken to curb this sad horrific plight. It would have been good if God would have made Girls physically and not mentally stronger than guys.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Well then, the tables might turn and the raper might become the rapee :P

Btw, that way I won't feel so uncomfortable travelling with a male stranger in a lift. Phew!

Abhi said...

Im not from RSS.but all the males have been zapped with this "sex starved beasts" coz of some assholes.Some jerk does it in udaipur and my neighbourhood girl sees a potential rapist in me.being male aint fun.

kp said...

Can it get worse? Sure...they could get raped AND killed or even worse, killed AND then raped.

Amit said...

Hmmm..Right, both should be equally good physically. Until and unless both of them wants to get raped and want to rape, raping wont be easy :-) So love mutually.

Amit said...

And yes beware of ppl who are not strangers. Rape stats shows this i blv

Jupe said...

Tend to agree with vagabond. A couple of rotten apples here and there shudn't / can't be an indication of the entire lot. Besides why do I get the feeling women are a little too paranoid abt these kind of things..I have friends who think every autowallah is a rapist and every guy on the road who asks a gal for directions has ulterior motives...Trust me, its all about the signals u send..If u can even act strong, then these jerks wudnt dare to come anywhere near u...

Rapee ? roflll
Lifts ? roflllllllll

ubergeek said...

Hv u hrd the nirvana song "rape me"? There are lots of interpretations to it. But the most popular one is that it is about a rapist who goes to jail and gets raped there.

btw - don't be a bleeding heart liberal like all the typical mallu psuedo-intellectuals. Don't get taken in by books like "Confessions of an economic hitman". But i guess anybody who admires arundhati roy (i hope i'm right about u admiring her, then again should i hope otherwise?) has to be this way.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Have to agree with you on that one. But don't agree with the 'being male aint fun' bit though!

Not funny! Maybe the women from Darfur would consider the two options you have mentioned far better than their current sitaution.

Yeah I saw that stats in a Delhi paper. Scary but not surprising.

Yup, some of us are paranoid about this. I was surprised at myself in Delhi. Btw, add one to that 'friends' list of yours. I used to chat up with most of the cab drivers in Delhi and try to keep their thoughts busy so that they won't have bandwidth to cook up any plans!

Yup I was paranoid about strangers in lifts. You can laugh buddy, but...... :(

PS: A few rotten apples are enough to spoil the entire basket, isn't it?

OOps! Arundhati Roy? not a fan! I couldn't even finish that God of small things.

Economic Hitman was one hell of a story - whether its true or not!

kp said...

That wasnt a joke. It has happened many times in our country and all over the world, not just in Sudan. And its much much worse than getting raped. Im a doc, and have been involved in the active management of rape victims, part of which was to help them get over the PTSD.(post traumatic stress disorder). I know how traumatic it can get, but believe you me, some people get over it and go on to have a 'normal' life.

Guy Kato said...

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