Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Heaven's shower

Has the monsoon started in Kerala?

Every year, the meteorological department tries its best to come out with its prediction on when the monsoon will hit Malluland shores. You should read some of their reports, so much of analysis and data mining seems to go into it. This year they say the D-day is gonna be June 7th. But more often than not, they are wrong.

But one thing remains the same. It will definitely start raining on the day the schools reopen after the summer vacations. That too right in the morning. 9:30 sharp!
In a way it’s good. The kids get to show off their new umbrellas. Or their new rain coats. And dirty their crisp white shirts. And have paper ship cruise competitions during the recess.

Ah! The joys of walking around and splashing water with not a care in the world.

Waiting for the day when I get to return and get a whiff of petrichor! Sigh!


Jithu said...

so, the monsoon is actually gonna start on June 7th. i put an arbit guess abt it in my blog. ;-)

sometimes our school send us back home on a blasting rainy day. 'n v used to pray fr such a thing to happen.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

No wonder!!!

Just imagine thousands of innocent minds praying for a heavy rain on the same day.

Poor meteorologists. They don't know what they are up against ;)

Vishnu said...

True.Infact,i had grown up thinking that Monsoon's were supposed to arrive when the schools reopened.And its sort of customary to move into the new class with the benches soaked and we sitting in with all the clothes soaked as well.

Try to grab hold of this book called "Chasing the Monsoon".Its about this british guy who comes to Kerala and travels throughout India along with the Monsoon.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Chasing the Monsoon? What a coincidence!

I am reading a book called Where the rain is born - Writings about Kerala. Compiled by Anita Nair, it is an anthology of traslations of some famous malayalam works. Though I like the Malayalam versions better, this too makes for a good read.

It has an extract from Chasing the moon by Alexander Fraser. It is a very dramatised write-up about the arrival of monsoon and how it was received by the locals. Though I liked it for its mesmerizing style, it felt very much contrived.

But will check out the book.

Anoop MohanKumar said...

Was home recently and got a whiff of the beautiful rain.
It is raining there; at nights WONLY.

Those little droplets keep your nights cozy and cold enough; the sound and feel of rain is your transit pass to dream-dream land, only to be bothered by the hard thunder and flashy lightning, what the hec its rainning anyway.

What’s Kerala without the rains.
Gods own bathroom without the flush?!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Ah..that was a neat write-up...I could almost feel the cosy nights during the monsoon until the final quote spoiled the entire thing!

ubergeek said...

And the other monsoon has evening showers, the 1st day of which i'd always get soaked to my skin. Miss being in Kerala. Though I never thought i'd ever say this ;-)

avarma said...

You are right. Frater hasn't been able to capture the essence of monsoon in his book. But the book is definitely an interesting read because the very idea of chasing the monsoon is quite intriguing. Even the "Rain is Born:.." collection is pretty good. But I liked its cover most :-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Anjali,

I have a confession to make here.

I actually bought the book for its lovely cover :D

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Ubergeek,

I am not surprised. Looks like finally Mumbai has gotten to you :)

Surya said...

I must admit that I never liked the monsoon when I was in Kerala - just couldnt stand sitting in the crowded classroom benches in soaked ankle-length skirts. Worse was getting up early in the morn, when I would have given up heaven and earth to be under the sheets for just a moment longer. But then, as we all always do, now that i dont have it, I miss it. Terribly.

BTW, u had long hair when u were in St.Marys, dint you?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Surya,

Great to run into you like this!

This is one thing that motivates me to maintain this blog. The number of people I have met in here whom I had lost in touch with!

And yeah, I used to feel uncomfy just looking at the long skirt uniform of SH. It would have been a real mess during the rainy days and damn hot during the other days. One reason why I am glad that I din't get admission there during my nursery days :)

Yup, I had long hair long long time ago and it's almost a full circle now :)

injinuity said...

I am jealous of all you folks out there... being in the middle east you don't know how much I miss the rain (barring the thunderstorms that used to wreck havoc on my phone and cable lines)... the winds, the drizzle, I miss it all...I guess things that you take for granted, the importance of the same can be comprehended only when you don't have it anymore.

Anonymous said...

you have got a nice vocab it seems.petrichor happily goes into my dictionary.

indiagenie said...

petrichor seems to be a recurring theme in ur blog ;-)

its been raining like crazy here in blore so i dont quite share your enthusiasm for the same but i am missing the hills in kunnamangalam. never thought i'd say this but i miss the mess too.

horrors, horrors !

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Injinuity,

Believe me, I dont take it for granted. I pine for it just like you do :)

Anon and Indiagenie,
Well, petrichor is one of my favourite words and it is specials cause even what is stands for is one of my favourites in this planet.

Hey, I am missing K too. But not the mess. :)