Monday, June 06, 2005

So long and thanks for all the Internet!

What do you call the technical staff who doesn’t know what a network bridge is and try to fix the network problems by simply deleting all the components that they don’t know about?
Whatever it is, you are not gonna lay your hands on my lappie anymore mister.

Why do some women have such squeaky voices? And they don’t even have to shout to irritate people who are sitting quietly and are trying to read a book. Voice modulation doesn’t seem to be the in thing anymore.

After a 15 year break, I once again carry a Winnie the Pooh tiffin box. But this time to office. :)

Had cool watermelon juice along with lunch today. But the Chinese seem to have some other designs on watermelon. So artsy-craftsy and beautiful this is.

It's so difficult to think about 'business strategy' when there is an HR sitting right next to you and her only EGOs(Employee Goals and Objectives) seem to be to interview candidates and fire recruitment consultants who send candidates who pronounce monotonous as monotonius!! All that is fine. My only problem is that all of this is done on the phone. And she too has a squeaky voice! :(

Add to this the agony of having a printer for a neighbour that keeps spitting out paper all day and yeah, it doesn’t believe in keeping it fast and quiet :(

RadioMirchi is 80% blah blah and 20% songs and 5% good songs. How does someone get some quiet around here to read a book?

Bad boy internet. Doesn’t let me get any work done.
But then, 90% of my work gets done because of YaGoohoogle!

Felt like a fish out of water when I came to office today and found that some idiot had blocked access to Gmail. The panic lasted for half an hour till I could find a workaround to access the darling.
Gosh I am addicted to gmail! Never felt this way before about anything virtual! This IS scary. I am one of those people who your read about in forwards who check their mail in the middle of the night when they get up to relieve themselves!!! :O

Wish there was a CP and Pallika bazaar in Bangalore. Spend a wonderful one day roaming around CP. Shopping makes your forget the heat :)

Or was it the Fruit beer?

Learnt a lot of hijda secrets over the weekend, thanks to the play Janeman put up by students of National School of Drama. Superb work.

Last day in office is always so full of action. And I love writing Goodbye mails. :)

It feels like am in a chrysalis phase, waiting in my cocoon for my life to take off. Why do I have this feeling that something really really wonderful is on its way for me?
Whatever it is, please come soon. I don't have much patience, I am an engineer you see :D


Anonymous said...

I'd like to act as if I planned out this comment to be neat and meticulous, hence the way it appears below

1. You ARE gonna have a wonderful time ahead.....with ur attitude, even if its not, U'll make it to be :-)

2. Percentages add up to 100 always..atleast the way my teachers taught me :-p

3. Bingo..Engineers definitely do not have patients...doctors do...or am I imagining 'a play on the word' where there was none...

Hasta Manana till we meet again...Don't know where...

*My favorite ABBA song*

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Anon,

Well let me also be neat and meticulous in my reply :)

1. Thank you for your wishes. :)

2. I agree with you 100%. Maybe you should give it a little more thought :P

3. Bingo! You got it! Clap Clap!

Well, do I know you btw?

Anonymous said...

One small comment and the shrink in me seems to have 'figured' you out

1. You are a copycat :-p
2. 5% of 20% might be what you meant but it didn't come out that way and its always the writer's imperative to be clear on these things :-)
3. You are a liar :-) You definitely did not mean that word-play. How do I know now - well, I just got psychic.

Do you know me ?
On a philosophic note, do you know yourself leave alone me *waaah waaah*
On a more realistic note, the answer lies in those 2 lines of the song itself *waah waah waah*

Belch....Let me get back to work ;-)

ubergeek said...

In case you didn't know, you've been tagged! Sorry. But play along. I did ;-) For more details, check out Kraz's blog or mine

virdi said...

hey priya. you have put the wrong spelling of yahoo+ google search engine. the search engine doesnt open with the link which u have given. uff some people show off so much. kya karen. ;-) (stop smiling)
just for your info is the correct site.. i know you know.. now me showing off.. ;-)
and yes GMail is adictive if u use the short cuts..

ubergeek said...

I think that the best years of my life were the last two. Yeah - even if I take into account all that happened last year, I still yearn to be back at K :-(

Have fun! It will last just another 7 months! And I'm an engineer too - that explains my impatience with everything - the job hunt, the new job, the new city...everything!!!

And my addiction to e-mail has been killed by my new workplace. This sweatshop blocks every mail but

yesbob said...

umm, d'you think you could share the workaround to google ... ?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Chill man. This is not the way to take out your Monday blues!

Tagged? will have to wait for sometime..Am in this major lazy mood.

And hey, seems you din't get the word-play in the last part. Check out Anon's comment above. :)

And start gearing up for the Alumni meet now itself :)

Oh gosh, how would I work someplace where gmail has been blocked!? Shudder

Thanks for poining that out. The corrected link still works. Apparantely now the site gets redirected to

Jithu said...

hmmm.. infact 90% of my report is bits & pieces from the internet ;-). successfull manager is one who knows how to "handle" the internet well..

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Check mail. Did it work?

90%!!! Hope your guide doesn't drop in here and happen to see this comment of yours :P

Jithu said...

btw wt do u think he has done during his summers.. ;-)