Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hic Hic Hiccups

Nobody gives a second thought to hiccups. The only discussion I have heard– right from childhood – about hiccups is that you hiccup because someone somewhere is thinking about you.

So far so good. But what if that someone thinks about you continuously for a long time – say 1 hour, 1 day, more than that?

The 72 hiccups I had to endure while trying to concentrate during a Six Sigma lecture yesterday was no joke. At the end of it I was as tired if I had climbed the IIMK hill a couple of times without rest. I even started cursing the person who might have been missing me so much.

Jokes apart, hiccups can be fatal too. My dad started hiccupping one day – for no reason apparent to us and then it continued….days and night passed without any respite. My granny tried all the tricks in her book, we got in touch with the best doctors we knew, and tried making him drink water by the bottles – no use. He kept hiccupping.

Just imagine hiccupping all day – can’t eat properly, can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking about it, the misery it puts you through is such that you would end up praying for a heart attack! By the end of 2 days of constant hiccupping my dad had lost hope in doctors (not that they had any more suggestions on how to stop it) and had submitted meekly to his fate that he may have to keep hiccupping for the rest of his life. It didn’t help a bit when friends and relatives came out with stories about how people have hiccupped their way to heaven.

That’s when I decided to at least try doing something about it. I did a research on hiccups on the World Wide net ……er Internet and documented almost every possible cure there is for hiccups. There were cures like “Gargle with cider vinegar” , “Eat ice”, “Pull hair hard from the top of the head for a minute”, “Think about the ugliest person for one minute”, “Eat a tablespoon of peanut butter” among other ‘normal’ ones like “Ask someone to give you a good fright”, “Drink loads of water” and the likes.

My dad was so desperate to rid of hiccups at the end of 2 days that he so eagerly tried everything in that list. And finally there was only one cure that worked.

I have seen what he went through during those two days. So let me do my good deed of the day by disseminating the uncommon knowledge.

1. Pour a tall glass of water – and keep some more ready near you.
2. Hold your breath.
3. Pinch your nose close.
4. Take 10-20 swallows of the water, while holding your breath and your nose pinched close.
5. Keep drinking water until you get an overwhelming drowning sensation. At this time – after a gasp, take a deep breath and relax.
6. Repeat 1-5 once more if the hiccups continue.

It worked! Nothing beats the joy in my dad’s face once this worked.

So what now?
- The hiccup research document is still doing rounds in my family and friends circle.
- According to my mom, I am the doctor who just happens to be an engineer 
- Whenever my mom has any doubts, the first thing she says is “Ask the Internet” !


Anonymous said...

god bless you lady.

my son has been hiccuping for like one month now and we were about 2 take him 2 surgery next week. i tried ur method. and it worked! thank you.

i want 2 send a little gift as a token of my appreciation. please tell me where 2 send.

thank you once again. my son conveys his thanks too.

wtfdude said...

amazing! o_O

you physically helped smeone thru ur blog. kudos buddy!

a month of hicupin! thats so annoying. i longest hiccup i has was for like 30 secs and i started shouting WHY DOESNT THIS STOP! (and started beating me chest) @_@

thanks for the info :D

Girl With Big Eyes said...

You are welcome Anon!
I din't expect a mircale like this so soon :)

I already received your token of appreciation.

Good day!

and you are welcome too, wtfdude.

That was quick, God! :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!pattiche....ayye pooy!!

>|' ; '| said...

hiccups get cured by tht?

Squared said...

I definitely know how it feels. Have had hiccups going on for more than 2 days - twice, and I know the helplessness of it, and the exhaustion. Man, you feel so pathetic!

Now everytime I get hiccups, I just hope it would not last that long.

And thanks for the tip, I will try this too if required again.

BTW, its strange and good to see somebody actually benefitting from this and that too so soon!!!

(*hic* *hic* - NO!! NOT AGAIN!)

dumbs said...

read somewhere that if u can slip you toungu oust as much as u can without breathing the hiccups would start. has worked a lot of times. would try ur cure the next time.

Sandy said...

You have been tagged!! At
Nice blog you got here!!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Yup it does Poison.

:) Squared

Thanks for the tip Dumbs. Will add it to my Hiccups Knowledge base!

Aw Sandy! Not one more tag....and that's too personal :(

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Nice try there Anon2.

Just FYI, am in touch with Anon1 through mail and I did help someone!

ayye pooy pooy!!


kris said...

Thanks a lot guyz...and especially.."Girl with big eyes"...Thanks and god stomach's been burnin cuz uv the reccurring hiccups..this certainly helped.