Saturday, July 23, 2005

I am loving it :)

Our entire campus is WiFi enabled now. Apart from the hostel blocks, which anyway have a high speed LAN connection in each room, we can surf and work wherever we want to.

Until last year we had the WiFi facility only in some 'special' classrooms. But of course, the hotspot used to spill around to the nearby surroundings.
This time even the Library has been WiFi enabled. It used be a pain doing group work in library when you can't all be connected all the time. Now it's sheer bliss.

I am glad I spent quite on a bundle on a Centrino laptop last year. Good RoI, I must say!


Lost in trance... said...

thaz so cool...anything to motivate me to write CAT

Jithu said...

hey thts great!

ubergeek said...

1 more thing you'll miss ;-) I wonder if they'd allow you to just go on staying there - and I don't mean as a Prof! Sure would hv loved it.

dinu said...

thats cool.. enjoy your wireless connectivity to the world.. even NITC campus is wireless enabled.. found that out last weekend.. me waiting for the linksys wireless router I ordered for home, then I can remove the cables from here too..

N.B: thanks for contributing something to our salaries.. :-)

Pramod said...

Wow, this sounds cool! Few years back (just a few) there wasnt even notebooks in campuses, and now... thats quite a fast change.

Ok, I need a help from you - what's the currently used basic text book on Corporate Strategy? I need to coach some ppl. at my work.


Girl With Big Eyes said...

LiT, Jithu
You bet! :)

Don't even remind me of that. I wouldn't want to leave this place. But then without the people you share it with, it wouldn't be the same, so.....

Yup, NITC was WiFi enabled during the previous academic year itself. Lucky buggers! Btw do you get discounts for these routers? Tell, tell.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

It sure is fast, Pramod. I am sure it won't take long for even the new hostels to be WiFi enabled. The old hostels already have the sunk cost of the LAN cabling.

Corporate strategy?
Well, we have a book on Strategic Management - An integrated approach, which does have some sections on Corporate Strategy.
The book is by Charles W. Hill and Gareth R Jones and published by biztantra.

You are welcome :)

dinu said...

yep.. officially we get 60% discount on our own products, I guess.. but I got it on a sale.. for 10$ !!!

Anonymous said...

"i-am-loving-it" seems Mc Donald’s has done good job advertising in India. When yuppie MBA's start promoting the product by naming their blogs on that you realise "yeah it has got the right mind share, Miss money penny likes it" . Long live Mc Donald’s. Beware KFC :)