Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ouch! That would really hurt.

"Make the hacker spend 16 hours a day fielding help-desk inquiries in an AOL chat room for computer novices. Force him to do this with a user name at least as uncool as KoolDude and to work on a vintage IBM PC with a 2400-baud dial-up connection. Most painful of all for any geek, make him use Windows 95 for the rest of his life."

-- New York Times columnist John Tierney proposes (subscription reqd) a fitting punishment for Sasser author Sven Jaschan.


dinu said...

yeah.. this would really hurt.. a similar thing happened to a hacker friend of mine.. GWBE might know him.. REC batchmate.. dont want to mention his name.. he was "The hacker" of our batch.. for some reason he was banned from the computer center.. then, the darkest days of his life followed... he would not eat/drink anything... went into depression.. his already skinny body showed that it could still lose some weight... it was torture for him to be away from computers.. fortunately the suspension was short enough not to cause any permanent damage..

hacker pal, if you are a reader of this blog, please forgive me for telling this story.. I could not resist the parallels.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Of course I remember this incident and I think I know who you are talking about.


Squared said...

I for one am in favor of the 'hacker'. After all, due to their efforts, computers and internet are better than what they used to be. And all they get is this 'good that they put him behind the bar' thing. Indeed, a thankless world. :-(

>|' ; '| said...

win95 is one stable OS tht Gates ever rolled out. make it win98 for the sasser culprit. he will die of frustration, seeing blue screens,in a never ending cycle.

wtfdude said...


dont forget to activate automatic updates for Windows and Norton

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Dear Squared,
There are 'better' ways to 'better' the status quo than causing so much destruction.
There is a right way of doing it. This just isn't it. Of course, this is my 2 cents.

How about giving him a keyboard with the three golden keys ALT+CTRL+DEL missing?

you got it :)