Tuesday, August 23, 2005

GWBE’s back with a bang!

GWBE was offline due to the lowest forms of creatures of all – the spammer! I am not talking about those typically-once-in-a-month-automated spammers who come and put some links to a porn site or to some spammers’ circle page or even worse to promote their own blogs! But I am talking about those people who do it purposefully.

I wonder how the spammer’s mind works. Maybe he just gets up one morning and says to himself – “Oh, looks like a good day to spam. Lets not waste time.”

Or maybe “This blog is too dull. Nothing to my taste. Let me try to bring some ‘action’ here!”

Or maybe “Oh, here’s a happy girl. I am male and am a chauvinist and she's a girl and gullible. Let me act all testosteroney and flood her blog with some obscene comments”.

Well, in my case, I assume, the spammer would have gone by the last one. And this is not the first time I am hearing about blog spammers. They seem to be the flavour of the season. I recently heard about the same problem from another gal pal blogger and then another one in the last two weeks.

In my case, I could find out who it was and put an end to it. But most of the girls who face this problem don’t even know how to go about it.

While I was trying to find out who my ‘special visitor’ was, I did talk to Blogger to see if they could help me nail that person and maybe even take any legal action against him.

All I got from them was this link. They thought maybe I needed a lesson on how to delete comments!

But they do have a Legal cell that takes care of such issues – if you are facing any similar problems do mail them at legal-support (at) google.com. It will be a long journey. But it’s better than putting up with half baked sexist comments in your blog.

If you know of anyone else who is facing this problem, do pass on this info to them. Or if you know of any cyber police related stuff or any other legal stuff related to malicious spamming in blogs and which are valid in India, do drop me a comment. (Comments would be open soon!)

Other than that all’s well with the world

- My hair is growing fast. Faster than ever.

- Days are ecstatic

- Danced like crazy after a long time at the Freshers' party at Taj. Thank you my dear dance buddies.

- Got to talk to a lot of long lost friends in the last one week

- Had the best dinner ever of my life last weekend. Thank you Mr and Mrs. Pabreja : )

- Got to spend one whole day with a good old friend which had me wondering why I never did more of that before. Blame it on the corporate world, which slowly sucks you into it if you are gullible enough.

- Had pizza after more than a year! Yum Yum Yum : )

- Felt good to be back at my surrogate home turf – Bangalore!


Anonymous said...

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Girl With Big Eyes said...

Die! You automated spammers!

Just one more of this and I am turning on that spam-block feature for the comments.

Anonymous said...

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neeta said...

lol... there's no end to these automated spammers. Funny that they decided to include a compliment about our blogs in the opening :D

You can use word verification for the automated comments though.

Anil said...

If you go to your blog settings page, you'll find an option under 'Comments' that says 'turn on word verification' or something... that will take care of the automated spam...

As for the spam done by real people.. well...

[M] said...

Hey, anyone to write some extra intelligent pattern matching algorithm to break this up.. hehe..

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Neeta and Anil,
I did come across the 'word verification' thing yesterday while bringing my comments up. I hate those things and didn't want to add something like that to my site :|
But looks like there's no choice now!

of course isn't it typical, you flatter someone and say something and you can be almost assured that your job will be done!

I hope thousands of them strike your site or your mailbox. Then maybe you won't be saying hehe :)

mani said...

gwbe...pray you are not considering me as a spammer or someone who wants free advt of his blog..
My suggestion for CATCHA comments via verification has already been suggested...
But mind you, this is not going to stop the automated spams..Its only will reduce it.
The first spam comment for this post comment seemed genuine...
The reason I come now and then is ...I came across your 'Judo style' post and really liked it..hope Do share any info that you come across..

chaos said...

Hey P, you can choose to not take comments from anonymous ... in the settings there is a option of selecting who can comment on your blog... (basically anonymous can't comment in... they need to have an identity)... try that out...

Arun said...


Arz000n said...

No point in replying to automated spammers as you've done above.

Just click DELETE this COMMENT FOREVER and smile :)

My hair is growing fast. Faster than ever.
Hehehe...good one :)

Take care.

virdi said...

hehehehe.. die u automated spammers... hehe.. what u can do is allow only registered users to leave a comment on your blog..
but there are so many people who r real readers and would love to comment, you might lose their love..

Girl With Big Eyes said...

that this post made people so conscious :)

And you are welcome back anytime.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I know that option. But somehow don't want to miss out on any 'insight' that a non-blogger may bring in :)
I consider this as a discussion forum, so doesn't make sense to block people.

what was that r&b?

You take care too Arz000n. Strange id, I must say.

Thanks Virdi. I hope I don't end up losing all the love :)