Monday, August 01, 2005

Nothing better to do....

So here's another one of those pending tags.

Three names I go by
Priya, Piri, GWBE

Three screen names I would like to have
1. Black Mamba of Kill Bill
2. Scarlett O'Hara of GWTW
3. Jamie Buchman of Mad about you

Three physical things I like about myself
Stupid grin

Three physical things I don't like about myself
This is tough!
After a good 10 minute thinking, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing that I don't like about myself. Narcissist I am :)

Three parts of my heritage
M shaped hairline
Erupting veins
Love for music

Three things that scare me
Snakes - esp water snakes
Dogs esp when they chase my Kinetic :(

Three of my everyday essentials
Morning walks

Three things I badly want to do before I die
Get married
Teach my grand children nursery rhymes :)
Write a book

Three careers I am(would love) considering(accepting)
Housewife :)
Travelling for National Geographic
Working for an NGO

Three places I want to go (soon)

Two truths and a lie
I am doing this cause I am bored to death and am frustrated that I can't cross beyond the 9th level in this stupid game. :(
And I spent 5 hours on it today! :O
Oh, I love such stupid tags.


Lost in trance... said...

write a buk? me 2...wonder wen? wonder wat? but yes, me 2...

Anonymous said...

Now this is great. I have never seen someone writing such things about themselves. These things are generally asked by journalists; now that means you are someone who is approached by them and they ask you for the details. Now given that you are well on you way as you have appeared in "The Hindu" recently it’s good. Keep practicing and refining who knows. It may come in handy one day. I remember Vivian Leigh used to practice such things. How do I know .. Hmm to be truthful dad told me :)

Anonymous said...

I see Nat Geo in so many of your writings and so cant help wonderin' why Bridges of Madison is still so low on ur to-read list...Hmmmm....

Naah..that wasn't very subtle, was it ?