Friday, August 26, 2005

Relax, Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn as the Villain

That’s what NYTimes says. Not me.

In the New York Times, Gary Rivlin notes a backlash building against the search juggernaut. Google is going corporate, complain some technologists. It's arrogant, say others. Worse, it's hoarding talent.
"Google is doing more damage to innovation in the Valley right now than Microsoft ever did," LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman told the Times.
"It's largely that they're hiring up so many talented people, and the fact they're working on so many different things. It's harder for start-ups to do interesting stuff right now."
And what of Google's "do no evil" mission statement? Well, no one believes that now do they?
"In the day, you'd hear that Microsoft was the evil empire, especially in Silicon Valley," said Brian Lent, the president of Medio Systems, a start-up in Seattle working on mobile-phone-based search.
"Google is the new evil empire, because they're in such a powerful position in terms of control. They have potential monopolistic control over access to information. I like and respect the Google guys, but let's just say that their ultimate aim seems to me to be, 'One Google under Google, for which it stands.' "

Read the complete article here.

Well whatever the media is talking about, GoogleTalk and the new GoogleDesktop is currently creating major ripples among the junta in IIMK and I guess everywhere else in the world too : )
And looks like the next generation won’t be spending much on their telephone bills.

Joke of the day - Bill Gates certainly sees similarities between Google and his own company. This spring, in an interview with Fortune, Mr. Gates, Microsoft's chairman, said that Google was "more like us than anyone else we have ever competed with."


Arun said...

You bet. google talk jz has IM n nothin else. good choice for a IM purist.
but how many wld sacrifice yahoo or AIM for sthin like gt?
had to wait.
gd2 beta now allows mutti user n thtz great.

[M] said...

Google might want to add more crawlers or more disks to their mighty grids, but i dont want to add one more process to the task allocation algorithm...

Goooogle's set of services are exceptional, but there could be some issues in the future relating to data privacy...with more people using their suite of services... mind it they have these data in a dedicaed sector of their array of disks that one day they could publish a website where you want to search of some of your friends behaviour (to be like a valid behavioural check).. yes with the amount of data they have, they can always say what a person (of interest like the google CEO) does, where he goes, which places of interest does he visit, his pattern of purchases (which could be useful for more targetted advertising where the service personnel could knock at your home with their product) and to whom all does he mail, what all share does he own etc...

read on:,+reach/2100-1032_3-5787483.html

I would love to work in Goooogle though... :) To play with those bots and crawlers.. with NLP's and neural networks !

Genius said...

Looks like CEOs/CTOs are getting jealous at the growth rate of Google.
They should realize that Google did not achieve overnight success, they were innovative, creative and smart chaps.

Lets look at this way.."How many companies/individuals will suffer or get affected if one morning they find that no services of Google are availabe"? ..

Its the same cryptic feeling you get when you imagine Sachin Tendulkar not playing for Indian Team/ or getting retired.

Krish said...

Commenting here after a looooooooong time!!...Guess the Google stuff made me do that!!..BTW, you must have heard about the talk on GooOS...I guess, they are quitely moving towards that...with the sidebar of GDS-2 acting as a growser(Google-Browser), U never need to open a window...the entire PC is being bundled into 1 for your use...I only wish they wudnt end up being a MS....

Krish said...

Check out these links for more on GooOS:

virdi said...

i would love to work for google any day... :-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Phew! so many people interested in working for Google. They definitely know how to attract talent. But then, its too bad they don't recruit managers from B-schools :(

Well, for the voice quality that they are providing, I wouldn't bother much if they don't add any more features. Though I am hoping that they would.

Hey [M],
Privacy is gonna be an issue. I am sure they are gonna come out on that with something soon.

And if we are thinking that they would turn greedy and try to generate the revenue - that argument does not hold much ground. Nothing can beat their present revenue stream and if they Do do something stupid like that, they would be cannabilising themselves.
But yeah, I don't mind a program crawling my data, as long as I get content that I am interested in.

Good day! :)

To answer your question, for one, I would be very very sad and frustrated. Point noted :)

Hi Krish,
Welcome back. Thanks for the links. GooOs would be something to look forward to. So is, Google Finance, according to rumours.

I'll pass on the message. :)

Anonymous said...

One thing Google has been able to do however is
get popular support.
Google is doing a hell lot of open source stuff
like and it is a major contributor and user of open source. They run linux, python and gnome.

The google talk is just another front end to the already popular So google would only be a villian in the eyes of already greedy corporates. Google is a corporate Robin-hood.

Krish said...

If you are referring to the Google Wallet, then you are very correct...if the rumour is anything to go by, it would be a direct competitor to the Paypal system by Ebay and that would be too good a fight to watch...
But what I am worried is this: Are they squandering their money on too many a things at the same time...It is a good business sense to overwhelm your competitor by unleaching slews of new products in the market, but a completelty different ballgame to sustain the momentum...

Praveen A said...

Google Talk's Press Release says.

<quote>Open Communications Model
Google believes that users should have a choice in what applications they use for communication. Built to support industry standards, Google Talk enables Google users to connect to the Google Talk service and exchange IMs using any client that does the same, including Trillian, Adium, iChat, GAIM, and Psi.

The company is also committed to working with other service providers to create a federation model that enables users on any member network to talk to users on any other member network in a secure and abuse-free manner.</quote>

Now Gaim
It is an all in one messebger - With the same messenger you can talk to all your Yahoo Messenger friends, Google Talk Buddies, MSN friends, ICQ, AIM ,IRC and much more !!!!

Now about Jabber. It is nice to see Google Talk using jabber but they are not utilising the full potential that jabber provides. Jabber is like emails, you chose which server you like and talk to users of any other servers. It is like sending a mail from Gmail to yahoo, from any jabber server you can talk to any other jabber server. It is a way to go. I hope google will open its servers soon (now only gmail users can talk to other gmail users), so that a user of can talk to gmail users and vice versa (They call it a federation).

So you won't be forced to use Yahoo Messenger anymore because all your friends are using it and what you like is Google Talk.

(If you like the concept then use jabber - get your jabber id today)

Janus Francis said...

The one great thing google has done to this century may not be the technology,nor the search.It might not even be the GoOS and shit loads of other things that is on the anvil.But it might be its philosophy of do no evil,and the sucess that its founders had by working on something that they loved so much.Its a corporate saga of FOLLOW your dreams

Anonymous said...

Its the simplicity that takes google to starts from their clean home page and they were able to keep it...
I think simplicity is the priciple that drives them