Friday, September 02, 2005

15 months too late!

From NY Times

What would have been the second wireless camera to hit the market after Kodak’s wireless EasyShare, is now the first: the new Nikon P1, due in stores on Sept. 15. It's an iPod-size, eight-megapixel camera dressed in brushed-metal black, with a list price of $550. (A sister model, the P2, is a silver, 5.1-megapixel version that lists for $400. Online prices will be much lower once the cameras actually arrive in stores.)

We are talking about WiFi cameras here. Quick solution to memory problem.

While I was window shopping for digital cameras, this was exactly what I was looking for. When I asked the guy behind the counter whether he had any wireless enabled cams all he gave me was a blank look. It felt strange that though the wireless revolution was very much underway, no one was out with a wireless camera yet. Well…here is it now. Better late than never.

But it's gonna be some time before I think about investing in another camera :|


The author cracks a good PJ when he says
Incredibly, the P1 can't connect to the Internet at all, even when its Wi-Fi signal-strength indicator has more bars than a federal prison.

Exactly my sentiments, when it comes to Airtel connection :))


Anonymous said...

ok. so GWBE is you..
shall i call u ഉണ്ടക്കണ്ണി(unTakkaNNi) ??
I was just joking...

tony said...

How soon will the thousands of kilometres of fibre optic become redundent if all data traffic would be wireless? Does the Ambanis have different vision, or will Reliance Infocomm be the downfall of the Ambani legacy. Does Mukesh know better? Is everything Corelated?

But yeah Wireless DigiCam would be fun. But then, I haven't had the pleasure of using my Centrino laptop in a WiFi hotspot since i bought it 5 months back. The nearest i have been wireless is when i connected via my cell phone through Bluetooth. No wires!!! Been Planning to take it to the foodcourt at Inorbit mall which they claim is a Hotspot but its so damn Crowded on weekends. And i would look funny with a laptop on a weekend..

mani said...

I intended with thoughts for GWBE, but I am now forced to throw it for 'tony'..I would like to shout and say 'wait till you get WIMAX', Intel is alread working on a release edition of wimax enabled processors, which is the baap of wifi, It has a radius of 30 miles...good enough to access your laptop riding your bike into village whine while you can..
Gwbe,i will write later with my recollected thoughts..if i remember..

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Tony,
Nope, I don't think all those cables are gonna go useless anytime soon. Even if an overhaul happens it's gonna take ages!

And it's pity, if you have the equipment loaded with WiFi feature, but can't use it :)

Hey Mani,
Wimax sounds cool. But then you just can't keep waiting for the next thing always right?

And no anon, thou shall not call me unTakkaNNi.