Saturday, September 10, 2005


I went DVD shopping today and the prices were a big revelation.

A Moserbaer DVD-R costs near about 15rs.

A Sony DVD-R costs nothing less than 38rs.

Sony buys the DVDs from Moserbaer, sticks its label and brings them out in the market. Unassuming public buy it over the cheaper stuff believing that
Higher cost = Higher quality = Higher reliability

I guess once you build up such a strong brand name, these are some of the luxuries that come along with it.


wtfdude said...

Higher cost = Higher quality = Higher reliability

the higher we go, the harder the fall.

makes no sense, but i wanted to comment ,so i did :D

enjoy burning them dvd's. yay!

cd said...

could you give me the source of this information? or any details...thanks much

Lost in trance... said...

its a resident evil, smthg the slaves of branded stuff hafto suffer and endure...i write this coz i'ma spend $2k for a VAIO tomoro....has been a dream....if the same thing came in a dell label, wuda cost around 1.3k max i guess....but then i need the words sony and there goes.

>|' ; '| said...

moserbaer also makes still cheaper stuff under a different brand i think..

beyond infinity said...

Sony may be speding another 10 Rs for quality checks( superior quality constraints ) while Moser bayer may be speding 4.
Finding defective sony out of 1M may be much less than that of Moser bayer.

Kaps said...

Sony might advertise and pass on the cost to us whereas Moser Baer may not.

Not many people might know that Sony buys from Moser Baer and hence might view Moser Baer as being inferior to Sony.