Saturday, September 03, 2005

My roommate passed away yesterday

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All that is left of Chops are his gossamer wings and that bright orange-red tail and the memories.


More about Chops' lineage
In the bug-eat-bug environment of the Adirondacks, a dragonfly turns out to be one of the best little friends a human being can have. Mainly, dragonflies eat flies and mosquitoes. Anything that keeps flies and mosquitoes from feeding on humans in the north woods qualifies as a force for good, and the adult dragonfly is supposed to eat something like 20 flies or mosquitoes an hour :O

They are, in fact, nature's answer to the electric backyard zappers, which bring to the great outdoors all the ambience of a dentist's office.

This guardian insect has a lot of human admirers, including the makers of at least one sci-fi horror movie. Milt Adams, a naturalist with the Adirondack Park Agency, explains that the dragonfly larva inspired makers of the movie "Alien". The larva, which can live for years before hatching into the air, has an extremely ugly mouth, which suddenly zips out and eats some unwary critter in three one-hundredths of a second. If it sounds disgustingly familiar, at least this tiny creature is on our side.

Miss you Chops!


>|' ; '| said...

musta been a bug

iyer education said...

he will get his wings back when he transforms into a angel... he will also get a neon ring on top of his head...

dont worry about him... he is in safe hands (of god)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks rumpelstiltskin

chaos said...

:o Be careful with Bug rights protection groups ;D

you must be the next in their hit list!!

Anonymous said...

nice blog you have.i especially liked the post on mangal pandey.these people doesnt know how to respect the rich!

Genius said...

Couple of things are not clear..

1)Who killed ur roomie?How did this gross thing happen?
May his/her/its (whatever) soul rest in place?

2)What steps have you taken to punish the guilty?

3) How do u ensure that such mean things DO NOT GET REPEATED in the future?

Let GOD give u the strength to get thru this ordeal.



People are strange, when you're a stranger
Faces look ugly when you're alone
People seem wicked, when you're unwanted
Streets are uneven, when you're down

Arz000n said...

I named one lizard in the apt Im staying as LIZ...she kinda has that Liz hurley looks...maybe thats y

Now that Im in delhi...I miss her :(

So can understand what you going thru...

anyway...may her soul rest in peace.
You take care

rocksea | റോക്സി said...

aha. nice info & write-up.
hope you get more of those winged roommates.