Thursday, September 15, 2005

Some things I don’t have answers to

Why is my dear Kerala so green?, couldn’t help but wonder this during my short train journey from Trichur to Cochin. Unlike other parts of our country, in Kerala, if you want to see soil, you have to strain your eyes and search for it in between all those greenery. Or maybe even pluck some vegetation. That’s how green this place is!

Why ‘ladies’ flock only to the Ladies compartment, even when the other compartments are relatively empty?
I made the big mistake of traveling in the ‘Ladies compartment’ on my way to Cochin. And to make things worse, there was the morning office-rush too. And this was the only compartment in that entire train that was packed to its full capacity, whereas the other compartments went relatively empty. At each station, ‘ladies’ of all shapes and sizes poured into this compartment without even caring to find out whether there are seats available in other coupes. I got ‘pressed’ royally, while wondering why the mallu mahila junta keep away from the general compartment so religiously. Is it just a psychological thing of accepting a ‘reservation’ or is it because of certain ‘intolerable experiences’ in the general compartment?

Where will I be during the next Onam?
This Onam was eventful for me thanks to the unsuccessful summit, the Guruvayoor trip, Salaam Namaste, Veegaland, the murals and the carvings in the Sani temple in Palghat, the heavenly 4PM rain in Trichur, INDIA by Naipaul, my transformed friend at Tripoonithura, the mini Onam sadya at home and lots more. But the high point of the entire 14 days has to be the half an hour spent floating in the Wave pool in Veegaland. The feel of water splashing all around you and nothing but the endless blue sky above you. Just lie down and drift away. Aaaah heaven!

Why do people keep calling me Priya?
Oh! Once again I forgot that that’s my name. Sometimes it scares me when people call me by my name and it takes me nothing less than 5 seconds to realize that they are calling me and that Priya is my name : (
I hope it’s not the start of Alzheimer’s.
Maybe its just that my parents got the name wrong. Maybe that’s not really my name!


Here’s something to look forward to for all those adventure ride enthusiasts. For me, who didn’t have the guts to try the Space Gun in Veegaland, these are simply out of the question. I am very happy just watching the pics, thank you! And thank god these crazy looking things exist only in someone’s imagination.

Some must-watch censored SUN ads here.

And for all those people toiling in office, while I am enjoying a well-deserved break at home, and still have about 8 months more before I hit the corporate circuit again, here’s something [Rediff-speak on How to work for an idiot] that might come in handy. If you survived in there, I am sure you would have mastered all of this and could even add some tips of your own to this list. But nevertheless, it makes a good read. Enjoy!

Last but not the least, my heartiest Onam wishes to all.


One More Reason said...

I hope Kerala stays green forever. One can only hope

Shishir said...

GWBE...I'm floored. What started like my effort to get through a day with no classes for me at SCMHRD...has now become a marathon 2hrs that I've spent on your blog! sure have a flair for writing. And...maaan! What a variety of subjects. Haven't warmed upto the idea of regular blogging myself but you sure are doing a great job.

For starters, I have to be there for your festival now. Just for the place if not anything else!

Visit you soon...


wtfdude said...

why is your blog green?

Jithu said...


tony said...

One thing i don't have answer too.

Why haven't I visited Kerala Yet?

Been to all the places in the south except Kerala, and its suppose to the best place. Maybe I have seen enough greens in my own Manipur.. Wink..

I also have many questions answered???

Arz000n said...

it’s not the start of Alzheimer’s.
Might be..
Betta get urself checked by a certified doctor. I too was suffering from same symptoms...I mean people didnt call me priya, but by my real name and I was Im z000nie :)

Happy ONAM to u too...
Though its very late now...

But hey....betta late than neva na..


LI said...

Nostalgia Evoking Mallu Musings
:-) . Belated Onam Wishes.