Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A term break….

….is not complete without a visit to the dentist. And this time instead of the regular check-up, the visit had a cosmetic purpose too – to cement off a part of my bunny tooth which had chipped off during a fight a couple of years back.

This time instead of the usual painless dentist I go to, I had to go see another one – this one was painless too, but more like roadrunner – always on the go and he finished the work in flat 90 seconds!!!

And boy! Dentists ARE loquacious! And they don’t give you a choice. They fill your mouth with all sorts of contraptions and then ask you a million questions. You you’re your best to answer using some basic sounds and then later by some weird eye movements.

But today there was something else too. Everything was going fine. I was reclining in his easy chair with my mouth wide open, wondering when the next questions was gonna surface and bang! There it was!

“Looks like you take good care of your teeth. Not much work for me.”

“aaaa haaa” What I meant was - Thank you doctor. I try my best.

“So you studying in +2? Exams over?”

I could hear the Santoor jingle in the background quite distinctly! :)

If only I didn’t have all those pipes gurgling inside my mouth, I would have actually hummed the tune and given one of my special smiles to the doc!


Amit said...
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Amit said...

Doc is write... U do look very young...may be the picture will change once u wear Saari :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm keen to know the fight , which happend 2 yrs ago to flick the chip out ! -:)

chaos said...

LoL... (snatoor jingle...)

and yup... these dentists are a bit necessary non-sense...

Girl With Big Eyes said...

How I wish I could tell you, but I won't :P

Btw Amit, the doc reads too :)

Aloha! Chaos

Rahul N said...

:)) u want me to believe that ;)

Girl With Big Eyes said...


Poda dai!