Thursday, October 13, 2005


....especially mine, remain as just wishes most of the time and I used to complain about it all the time. I just realised that I was not doing it right. I was making all the wrong wishes!

I wished for long hair overnight....wasn't granted.

I wished for God to undo the earthquake that hit Pak this week...didn't happen.

I wished for more classes this week....didn't happen. I have on an average half an hour of lecture in a day!

I wished that the count down wouldn't take too long......didn't happen. Feels like the longest countdown ever! :(

I wished for a secret miracle..........didn't happen.

I wished for a nice juicy chocolatey doughnut.....was granted!!!! Not just once...three times over :)

Lesson learnt - You just need to wish for things that have a good chance of happening and bingo! they have a good chance of actually happening :)

My all-time favourite Calvin strip

But then doughnuts in Kunnamangalam?....even that was a little far-fetched!
And I'm doughnutty happy today :)

Talking about wishes, find out what these NR-mallus are wishing or! Absolut-hilarious!
(What's a rice-n-curry girl anyways!!?)

And if you have a lot of time to check arbit links, check out this cool dance party hosted by mother nature.


Nitai said...

Oh, I know just what a rice-n-curry girl is, especially after coming here :D

The song is certainly hilarious but after a while, starts getting to your nerves, doesn't it?

So, what else is going on? Noticed that you have reduced the blogging frequency a lot...certainly not busy attending classes, are you? :D

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Of course not!

I could watch it all over again and still laugh as hard as I did the first time :)

Yup...all this ado about nothing out here is affecting my blogging! Or maybe I am just getting lazier by the day!

aknowkneemoose said...

The song's awesome. I also like the "Welcome to India" song that these guys have on their site... it's hilarious too!

Jupe said...

For once, I disagree with Hobbes..wots the whole point of wishing for things that are very much attainable ? Where is the fun?Too boring...Whats life without Santa Claus, genies in bottles and princes-in-shining-armor :-)

ps: Ooops...'secret miracle' ke baare mein galti se bol diya...Please forgive me...

LI said...

Wishing for more classes a week, Too Boring

wtfdude said...

those guys were great...i see potential...they will need a sponsor.think i will invest......15 mil.