Sunday, November 13, 2005

Oh! Scar

I was watching the Tam movie Kaaka kaaka the other day. Decided to watch it after rave reviews from some friends and for the lovely song, yeNNai konjam maatri, shot in the open jeep.

Was enjoying the song, drooling on Surya's biceps, taking a mental picture to set it as my screensaver, taking in every single moment of the coyly romantic song, picturising myself in Jyothika's place, gasping in between when I noticed the striking resemblance between Surya and an old school friend, again back to Surya's biceps......and then I noticed this.

The heroine offers a can of Pepsi to the hand attached to those biceps....uh well, I mean the hero :D
They happily enjoy the drink and then...........God forbid!
Surya throws the empty can right out into the road!!!


Would you do something like that? How would you feel about someone who does that and thinks nothing of it?

I wonder how the director Gautam Menon, who has done a brilliant job otherwise include such a scene in his movie. Was it intentional? Or was it included for variety's sake by the cinematographer Rajasekhar? The scene definitely was well planned cause the shot of Surya throwing the can on to the clean highway is taken from a different angle....somehow as if trying to portray a macho look. If this was an attempt to convey coolness of the hero, boo to the person who decided to do so. This definitely is not the kind of coolness we would like our younsters to soak up from their reel heroes. And who are we kidding, kids do soak up almost anything their heroes do onscreen.

Should't the directors be a little more socially responsible and take care of these things? Especially since there was no necessity for such a shot in this movie. The character was cool enough already! These kind of discussions would have emerged after the on-screen smoking ban. Well, I am not a supporter of the ban. If the story line needs a particular scene, it definitely should be included - whether it be smoking or smooching or a violent murder. But THIS, was uncalled for.

I was glad to find out that a couple of my friends also had noticed this scar in the movie and felt the same way. But then there was another friend who laughed at me when I voiced my thoughts and it got me thinking.

Maybe I cannot change the ENTIRE world, but I am definitely gonna try and will start by changing MY world for the better.


VKM said...

" taking a mental picture to set it as my screensaver"
am shocked!! Not at all xpected from you!!

Girl With Big Eyes said...


Anonymous said...

Two years too late.... to have this argument, I mean... coz i remember hollering about this small detail to a friend of mine when we saw this movie in Pondicherry....sigh.....

- J

Anonymous said...

i think, didn't see the dustbin along the road side.. Hero directly pocket the can in to the dustbin...Hope you are now satisfied..-:))..
finally tell me how was the movie?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Why am I not surprised J? But, your comment sure did bring a smile.

Yeah, right anon. Indian highways are lined with so many of those Use mes. How DUH of me! :P
And yup, I enjoyed the movie.

Docs Dope said...

dun worrry baby..doc is here..

come to papa


Anonymous said...

Gautam Menon, here. Actually the scene went through the censor board's scissor. The hero was actaully throwing the can with the intention of maiming a rabbit which was wandering nearby. The damn censor board cut that part and turned that scene into one protraying lack of civic sense.

Rajesh Rana said...

nice blog....great...job

anthony said...

Looks like he was trying hard to portray the counter culture or the lack of it by so many bloggers ;-) .
SO mush for trying to act KOOL.
but it could be a great Adwork for a social awareness campaign if the govt want to do so, Shah Rukh Khan cooly walking in or say Rajnikanth picking up the can and throwing into a dust bin ( Applaud applaud follows) LOL, but yeah it was very insensible of the director

Narayanan Venkitu said...

First time here.!!
Nice post on Kakka Kakka..!! But this comment is about throwing Junk on the roads.!

I cannot stand it.!! Shame on the people who do such things.!! Its everyone's responsibility to keep our roads/neighborhoods clean.

I am glad that today's youth think about all this ( unlike us.!! ), the future rests squarely on their shoulders.

aknowkneemoose said...

Hey gwbe, I've tagged you on my blog. In the latest post titled '7' I hope you'll respond... but then that's your choice :D

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Gautam,
Nice play of imagination there. Wish it was true.

Well Anthony, how many movies have you seen where the hero does something like that just like that other than to impress the heroine?

Hi Narayanan, I am glad about that too!

Hi aknowkneemoose,
Will definitely give it a shot. Kind of tied up right now.

aknowkneemoose said...

Hey gwbe,

No problemo! Take your time... I tagged you pretty reluctantly, since I didn't like the tagging concept in the first place, and also because I'm not a 'regular' on your blog, but either way... tagged you are, I hope I get to see the list sometime. But I took my own sweet time creating the list, and I guess you can too :D

LI said...

Hmm , I dont think directors in any indian language were socially responsible and they never will be because the bottom line is that the film has to sell.Anyway as Indians we spit on the roads , we throw waste and everybody does everything that may look uncouth or socially irresponsible so why can't the director showcase it in a flim.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

I don't buy that idea LI.

It's like saying so many rape cases happen in India anyway, so what if the hero rapes someone on his way to pick up the heroine - even though the story line doesn't call for something like this...the rape scene is just a filler!

How does that sound.

Well, if the director was trying to be sarcastic by showing the Commissioner of Police littering the highways (very less chances of that), I don't think he has done a good job of it.

LI said...

PEPSI Bottle and rape . Comparison is a little bit extreme .Theek hein. All the Best in changing your world :-)

Leon said...

I share your sentiments about the can throwing incident.. It was a disgrace..

So let me join you in saying


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thank you Leon!

Booooooooooo is getting stronger and I like that :)

Hari said...

Well Priya, something happened to me also when I happened to see ennai konjam. Well, thing is, I dreamt of me being Suriya and.. well someone .. as Jothika. Kaaka kaaka was simply superb! As of now I have seen it at least... 10 times. And yaar, don't make a fuss about a pepsi can. Just tell it to go to hell. Gautam Menon says in the DVD that he introduced that scene NOT to show how cool Suriya is, but to show how even a supercop like Anbuselvan becomes uneasy in company of his would-be. :} Hope u get what Iam trying to say!
See Ghajini if u have time!

Balakrishnan R said...

Hi, Was searching for something else and came across this blog. It is very imperative that people give importance to these things. When you are saying something so powerful that it reaches to so may people you have to be very careful and sad that the director did not see this. One more thing I noticed was that so many times the jeep crossed the yellow line. How can we prevent these things if the ACP can do it and does it bcoz of a girl