Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The world goes on....

...and so does my life.

IIMK hosted Konsult 2005 last week, IIMK launched Spandan- the bi-annual student management journal, one more CAT went by and along with it came all the speculations of what would be the cut-offs and who would get a call and who would not, a little déjà vu with old Mallu comedy flicks Boeing Boeing and Nadodikkattu, cultural nights have surfaced in IIMK and yours truly along with the smooth-dancing guru performed a little bit of salsa....days have been full even though there haven't many classes happening.

Managed two travel escapades too.

It was Wayanad's turn first. Best part of the trip was the adventurous ride on bikes. You would understand how adventurous it was if you ever happen to travel on those roads - the Calicut-wayanad-bangalore route. Steep climbs, hairpin curves, potholes of size XXL and a very excited rider....need I say more?
But I enjoyed the ride one hundred percent. I might have been a little scared in a similar situation otherwise, but sitting pillion with someone you have trusted your life with - it had a charm of its own.

Our Wayanad itinerary included Chembra peak and Pookkot Lake. Chembra peak was more than what we had hoped for - leeches, and wild deer - who I swear cried out my name once, and never ending peaks, and tea garderns, and misleading paths and strangely coloured insects and flies, a supposedly heart shaped pond on the hill-top.....
1. Wayanad Chembra peak
Pookkot Lake was as it was 3 years back. As romantic and pleasant as ever. Perfect place for a lazy evening.

It was Trichur's turn next. Guruvayoor and Athirampilly. Guruvayoorappan made us wait 2 hours before he let us have a peek. I guess this must be the first time I am going to Guruvayoor without my parents. Felt different and good to be the one in charge :)

Athirampilly sunset
Athirampilly was nothing like it was 10 years before. The place was amazingly beautiful......or was I blind the last time I went there? The road to Athirampilly was impeccable and picturesque, it was clean for a change, stone-cut meandering pathways that led to the bottom of the falls, the amazing experience at the waterfall base, the colourful sunset - all made the Trichur trip memorable.

After Athirampilly, I have to say this. I loooooooooove my Kerala!


jaguu said...


hmm u were up at 00:34 Senorita!!Brings back so many memories from the young carefree days.Went back to Athirapally this May and I made couple of my friends from Vancouver climb all the way up from the foothill of the falls at 1 PM.I must say my friends from teh cold Environs were not that impressed with me.;)Lovely Photos.Cheers!

PS:Moi First!!

AK said...

Congrats for the offer from CG. Is that it? Heard Ruben is also with you? Where is he going?

BOL if you are sitting for final placements

lash said...

u are right! i am a victim of the Cut off speculation.. With CAt comes 18 keys and 18000 probabilities..

i loved ur profile pic.. is that whut u do at IIM?

LI said...

Hey Congrats for the offer from CG

anthony said...

I ve' some how managed to have missed Kerala till now. Maybe I will plan one around spring..

Congrats for the ffer. Is CG CapG??

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi jaguu,

00:34 is not even night for me these days!!!

Btw May wouldn't have been a very good time to visit Athirampilly. Right in the middle of summer!

Hi AK, LI and Anthony,
Thanks for the wishes. CG is it!

LOL Lash! Yes, you could say that I spend a significant amount of time doing that. ATB for your calls.

anthony said...

Congrats again.. Me got some friends in CG Mumbai..

VKM said...

Heyyy PTS...
Congrats for CG....!!!!!!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks ppl :)