Thursday, December 15, 2005


No doubt about it - Santhosh Sivan is better at cinematography than direction, but his latest film, Anandabhadram is worth a watch. For so many reasons...

- Great performance by Manoj K Jayan. He paints the perfect picture as the black magician Digambharan. A good come-back for Manoj.

- Superb starting sequence. Revathi does a real good job in her 5 minutes guest appearance. She does it so well that it had me wishing that she had a longer role in the movie. Her narration of how the lamps talk to each other when they are alone is so endearing and sets out a fantasy atmosphere right in the beginning.

- The song Pinakkamaano where famous Ravi varma paintings come to life. What a superb idea. Charming. Couldn't help smiling throughout this song.

- Was it Athirampilly where some of the important scenes of the movie have been shot? The place looked so familiar.

- Prithviraj could have done a better job. His portrayal of the transmigrated character was not very convincing.

My favourite picks from this movie would be the Pinakkamano visuals and the reverse 'rape' scene. They way Manoj K Jayan, the evil character, gathers his clothes after he was 'taken advantage of' by Riya Sen and cries out loud "You spoiled me...". Riya Sen's role, which looks like an utter waste till that point, explains itself with this one scene. This scene still has me in splits. We were the only people who were laughing out loud during this scene, much to the chagrin of the rest of the junta in the cinema.

But have to admit this - the picturisation of this movie is perfect. Though the storyline is not very convincing, this is worth a watch just for the cinematography.


Anonymous said...

What i liked about the movie definitely was the set whr movie was shoot... the rich colours and the mythical storyline... Indeed a nice movie.

QuaTros said...

My wife saw the film and she sayz the same too! :-)

SHIV said...

The way character of Digambaran was portrayed by Manoj was really mindblowing .He is one of the plus factors for that movie and I believe after sargam this one counts as a memmorable role.As for the song the picturisation is ok.Over all its a pretty decent movie but way below the hype created by the makers before its release.

ABiasForAction said...

Is your blog restricted to people from Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Karnanata. Atleast the subjects are.

Joju said...

Yes GWBE, you are right.
Other than cinematography nothing is there. (my opinion)
Why can't he just concentrate on this part alone and hand over
the direction part to somebody else ?!!

the 'reverse rape' scene itself could have been improved a lot.
The reaction of Digambharan is not matching with the role.
That shows the lack directing skill.

ubergeek said...

Can't say I agree. Saw the movie just to avoid going home when my parents'd be up ;-) But think that even facing the music might hv been a better bet.

Think that I like my films minimalist. This was a riot of color just to show off camera technique. Liked manoj K Jayan like you. But Riya sen was there just for some skin. Cheap tricks overall. I'd rate this movie far below any other I've seen this year. btw, I'm really picky about what I watch