Friday, December 02, 2005

Lotsa emotions

Thankful for some dreams remaining unfulfilled.

10 years back if you had asked me what I wanted to become I would have told you I wanted to fly around the world. And to fulfill that I felt there were no better options than either becoming a Pilot or an Air hostess!! But then someone told me I wasn't tall enough to become an air hostess and surprisingly was tall enough to become an engineer or a doctor!!
Well, whoever it was, thank you!
I had been talking to an old friend of mine who is an air hostess now, and hearing about her lifestyle, it seems they don't just fly around the world.......
I am glad I turned out to be a just a plain vanilla engineer!

Am really happy about something else too. Let me tell you why. Here at IIMK, we typically do around 5-6 projects in each term. That means minimum 15 projects in a year, and 30 during this trying-to-cocoon-out-of-this-MBA 2 year period. Most of these projects are typically googling assignments. But say, around 20% of them are done on organisations in and around IIMK.

But do these projects actually add some value to these organisations? Mostly not. The project ends in a neatly formatted report submitted and forgotten. But somehow the project we (a group of 3) did for our Operations Strategy course of this term, ended up being much more than that.

We only had to study the Operations of the Margin Free Supermarket and recommend some strategies for them. But we ended up starting a Marking Free Shop right in IIM Kozhikode!! Yup, a brand new Margin Free shop opening at IIMK Commercial Plaza.

Also damn confused about the sudden fork in my life. And to make things worse, there are no signboards too! I thought I had done with all the tough decisions for awhile, but someone up there likes to keep throwing them at me......enough already!


A good dig at Bush!
Will Ferrell: Earth to America

If you like to travel around the world, but haven't actually gotten around to it, take the shortcut like I did. 360 degree panoramic views! Visit the world heritage sites here. And more here.


jaguu said...


I agree about the airhostess thing.It certainly is not all that great as it seems from outside.Having 2"of makeup,plastic smile,balancing the trays,dealing with sly & Drunk passengers etc etc.I hear my friend who is with a International Airlines crib about all this & many more things everytime she returns from duty.

Just wake up your window...smell the fresh air...and take your decision.You are at a paradise ..u are not allowed to be confused Girl.

And Thank You for the links.

anthony said...

COngrats.. that was a good job done i say...
And i agree with the air hostess thing. lol, I dated one sometime back..

And like my brother say, they earn only enough to pay for the makeup..

Jo said...

That video was a good laugh. :-)

Abhi said...

The IIMK plaza thing is really nice.At last , some MBA assignment goes beyond the file cover.

Thanu said...

I wanted to be a airhostess as a kid too. But ended up being an engineer. I think Wise decisions, esp with all the major airlines filing for bankruptcy ard here.

LI said...

You could have invited the ivory tower "Varkeys" super market instead of poor man's "Margin Free" Chain.Just Kidding. It's really nice that an academic project is being implemented :-D .

Suds said...

Hey was just read various blogs and came across ur... Thanks for the links to heritage site.. it is beautifull. Keep writing.. I will read once in a while..:) Enjoy...

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Jaguu,
That's not really what I meant when I said, they don't just fly around the world....
But yes, the aspects you highlighted are some unpleasant aspects of that profession.

well, I don't agree with your brother much. My air-hostess friend earns well enough to take care of more than just her make-up!

Glad you liked the video Jo. It had me in splits too :)

So far so good Jughead. So many things remain to be done in that front!

Three cheers for the engineers, eh Thanu? :)

I am basking in the feel-good effect here, LI :)

Good to see you here Suds.