Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yeh to hona hi tha :)

Everytime I come home for the term break, something always happens that makes me smile and then smile some more thinking about it.

This time, I had just one more day left to get back to college and nothing 'interesting' had happened. And I was consoling myself that maybe this was the exception that would prove the rule.

But no! Something did happen.

I had gone salsa-shoe-shopping in one of Trichur's expensive footwear shops. I had just 10 minutes to make the decision and I did choose a pair in 10 minutes. But then it needed some adjustments and I was talking to the salesguy about it. And while the details of where I wanted the shoes delivered and all that were being discussed, he slips in this question.......

"Are you an actor?"

A very wide-eyed me : "Huh? What did you say?"

I couldn't believe my ears until he repeated it. Maybe it was the utterly spoiled look on my face, or maybe it's my irrestible natural charms, or maybe he has the gift of seeing through people and he was giving it a little practice or maybe he was just trying to flirt. Whatever it was, I was immensely pleased that I had something to smile about in this term break too. No exceptions for the rule!

And I gave him a smile and answered
"Oh yes! And so is everyone else in this world. Don't you think?"

And I made sure that I left the shop before the poor man could comprehend it. I am sure he smiled too. And that makes me smile some more!!


Anonymous said...

Acting was too Good Priya!

Anonymous said...

No other interesting tidbits abt the vacation? Usually you come up with long entries during that time, am I right?

silverine said...

That was a smart repartee :)Kudos!

Anil said...

Did you get shoes with soft suede soles? I swear those are the best :-)

And on this appropriate occassion, some shayari from Sheikh Speer.

"All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women merely playahs"

suraj said...

hey priya just wann write it in malayalam dont mind...ado iyyalde blog njan kandathe adutha aane...ur way of writing is cool...act i m basically from mumbai and in kerala from trichur..
its thru ur blog i do feel nostalgic whn u say bout tht guru ambalam and vadukkanathan..oh its gr8 to be in kerala....ur kinda lucky to be thr...da...

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks ppl!

Your comments made me smile some more :)

ABiasForAction said...

why are you always sleeping.
Atleast the pic tells so.
Or are you acting?

Lost in trance... said...

what are we acting? if all of us are acting, who is living true? hehe..crazy me :)

Sathya said...

hi priya,

hey the picture is so so so much like me... ( no my table is never that neat) .... sleep sleep and more sleep is what i associate study materials with


this is my first time here... will be back ...


jaguu said...


Wondering .... if You had asked which Movie did he see you in & hmm he would have said..."Plants of the Apes".. I am sure the post would be a angry rant ;)


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Good question LiT.

Hi Sathya,
Well, the picture is not really symbolic. I dont just sleep whole day :P

Was that a joke jaguu? :P