Friday, February 17, 2006

I care for Vimala Home. Would you like to join me?

Some of you might remember Vimala Home and the little girl, Ancy. For those of you who do not, here's a small introduction. And here's where you can read more about Vimala Home.

As part of our Social development programme here at IIM K, a group of us went back to Vimala Home to help them out with their operations. We did our best for them and now, I'd like to request for your help too.

If you are from Kerala, here's how you can help. If you know any physically handicapped girl child who needs help and love, tell her guardians about Vimala Home and help her have a better life.

If you are from Kozhikode, you can help the children indirectly by helping them sell their Vimal Condiments. If you know any hotel manager or a caterer or a mess contracter or a department store owner or anyone who stays near Medical College, Kozhikode- spread the word about Vimal Condiments and cajole them to buy their spices from Vimala Home.

If not, say a little prayer for the children at Vimala Home and spread the word.

You can contact them at
Devagiri Complex, Kozhikode,
Kerala - 673 008
Ph: +91-495-2355908


silverine said...

Can I link this in my coming post?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Please do!


Anonymous said...

I have no clue why in India handicapped people are treated as worthless. According to me they should be given the same education and rights as anyone who is not handicap.

I would like people like us including me to try and change this mindset in people.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

And that is exactly where places like Vimala Home fit in the big puzzle called society.

Great to know you are interested Anon.

Allan said...

Great!! If you happen to come chennai do visit spastic society at Kotturpuram.... really you will have a good time with the children....