Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Convenient Customer service

I am sitting happy two days before I have to fly to Mumbai. Feel lucky to have got one of those cheap tickets in the low cost Air Deccan. While I make big plans of what to do with the money I have saved, I get this call from a cheerful Air Deccan executive.

I attend the call hoping that it's just to confirm my ticket. I couldn't have been more wrong. The non-apologetic female mentions casually to me that the flight I was supposed to take was cancelled due to some technical reasons that she can't reveal. I get mad at her and Air Deccan only to realise after a couple of moments that it's not gonna get me to Mumbai.

An hour later, after calming my racing heart I decide to shell out more dough for a seat in Kingfisher.

My date with ugly lady bad luck was not over yet. I still had to get the refund on the Air Deccan tickets.

Somehow I get this feeling that it's not going to be easy getting a refund from them. Anyways I tell myself to be positive and make the fateful call.

Time is 7PM.

Operator - "Thank you for calling Air Deccan. Your call is being monitored for internal purposes. Press 1 for blah blah, press 2 for rescheduling, blah, press 3 for ticket related queries and refunds...."

I press 3.

Operator - "Press 1 for ticket related queries, Press 2 for refunds...."

I press 2.

Operator - "Sorry, kindly call us back during working days between 9-5 for refunds."

I wait for the next day and call them again at 11AM.

Operator - "Thank you for calling Air Deccan. Your call is being monitored for internal purposes. Press 1 for ..."

I press 3.

Operator - "Press 1 for ticket related queries, Press 2 for refun........."

I press 2 a little impatient.

Next thing I hear is the busy tone. They cut me off!

I thought maybe this was some technical glitch and go through the calling routine once more. Cut off again.

I tried again. Beep Beep. No luck.

Finally I decide to somehow get to an operator and choose an option other than refunds. I explain to him my plight. He was far more apologetic than the person who conveyed the news of the flight cancellation. After exchanging all the information and after listening to their hold music for more than 70 minutes, the call center executive asks me to call again the next day!! And he reminds me to press 4 and not to choose the refunds option!!

I ask him why and he tells me matter-of-factly that since it's a busy day they usually don't take the refund calls!! What he meant was that they would rather try to get money from people rather than return it!

Maybe Air Deccan should change its brand tag from
Air Deccan - No.1 for low air fares
Air Deccan - Cheap by all means

Does low cost mean they can get away with shabby customer service? Have decided never to dirty my hands dealing with Air Deccan again.


macs said...

i posted a query
but it dint get posted it seems
whats that u learn in mba
and whats that u do as a mba
the dumbest one u got ever as a q?
but iam
genuinely confused
read abt ur panda class
and other classes
cant catch the knot properly
leave alone untie it
thats why

so who is an mba

and y an iit grad shud jump into into marketing and finance?

its personal
different choices
but still

leaves me
pulling my hair


~!~ said...

"Have decided never to dirty my hands dealing with Air Deccan again"
You learned it the hard way!!

Anonymous said...

I used to Travel Air deccan to Calicut ( because that is the only flight to calicut from bangalore ). Every day i travelled, it leaves bangalore around 5:30( Sched at 2:30 ). And when coming back it leavs calicut at 6:00 ( Sched 3:30 ).

Since I take tickets at last min there is no cost advantage also.

But I think they are doing a good job. But the security is a big concern.


VKM said...

So you also had the bad experience eh!!
Their counter service is bad enough for me to imagine what the flight experience will be.
Every SINGLE time i book a ticket, they will always be short of some change and will end up not giving me 5/10 bucks. I mean, if it happens once, its fine. Twice also, FINE. But 3 times!!!
Plus there is always the cancellation or the sure delay of flights.When the rain hit mumbai and we were stuck in the airport, our deccan flight was the last one to take off (21st flight to be precise)!!!!
I had a choice between a train ticket and Air Deccan ticket to Cochin this Friday..
and guess what..i cancelled the Deccan ticket yesterday!!

P.S The Bangalore counter of Air Deccan is full of Mallu's

Venkatesh said...

Where did u get placed?

Lost in trance... said...

Not the first bad exp i'm hearing on Air Deccan!
Last time, my friend who flew back from the states had an AD flight from Mum-Ban. He said the announcement went smthg like 'your flight is indefinitely delayed due to blah! blah! blah!...Do you still want to make this flight? If not, please contact blah! blah! blah!'....hahahaha :)

Anonymous said...

ATR flights(most of air deccan fligts) are not really safe.


but even Jet Airways cochin flight was also ATR( I dont know last 5 months they have changed or not). but Jet airways ATR flights were much newer than Air deccan.


Anthony said...

reminds me that I had to do a similar post... Air deccan really sucks..

Anonymous said...

never got an opportunity to get know thir hospitality.BTW air deccan cheap by all means.hmmmmmm
should try Ogilvy.

Anonymous said...

come on dont be lazy.Start writing .dont you want to be a good writer .i havent got anything to read for past 2 weeks.pretty bored.write something about where u get placed ,howz ur work enviornment and stuff.we will like to know how an IIM alums work place feels like

Shanks_P said...

Hmmm sad story ..
U r not alone, I had the same experience and I decided then and there to stop with Deccan. It was my last trip thru airdeccan

Nice quote ...
"Airdeccan Cheap by all means :D"

M a D a N said...

Air Dakkhan...in Hindi sounds better

pri said...

now i gotta know,m not the only sufferer..waiting for the whole night in mumbai airport to go to b'lore when flight got delayed by 12 hrs (better i had gone by train)..
moreover,cudnt get even a sheet to wrap myself inside and sleep when twas so cold inside..
and this is not sufficient,air dakkhan cudnt provide with lil cotton buds to to stuff my ears..thru out the way, i developed severe pain in my ears.. :(

I can really understand ur pain..

BTW,check this link out..


Kris said...

Heyy .. almost same exp here :-(

Air Deccan is not " Simplyfly" Its " simply Suck"

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

its run by a mallu?

juan said...

low price *is* cheap most of the times... there are no free lunches in this world :(