Wednesday, April 12, 2006

He & She

She - "Do you know that you are a part of me?"

He - "Of course. I'll always be! I love you!"

She - "Hey mister, let's not get into heavy duty stuff. I just meant that He is in She" :)

He - "oh. You and your PJs."


Lost in trance... said...

he is in she? hmmmmmm...;O)

Anonymous said...

Ohh there is "He" in "She"...and no "she" in "he"..
So thats the whole story behind He n She, now I am getting it..

pri said...

not a PJ..but really means a lott in depth.. :)

Aniruddha said...

also means "without He, She cant exist !" ...:)

raised hand ;-) said...

so 2/3 of she is he and 1/3 only is she!
jarring with the ardha-nareeswara concept.

on a different thought plane...
a beautiful kutti-katha by Kahlil Gibran comes to my mind -

flashback: she and he are in deep love.
he comes to she's house and knocks.

gibran story in my words
she asks: who's it?
he replies: its me.
she doesn't open the door.
again he knocks.
she asks: who's it?
he replies again: its me. the door remains closed.
third time he knocks again.
she asks: who's it?
he replies: its you!
she opens the door and ushers him in.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks Heena!

And hey, Raised hand, that was very sweet. This has inspired me to read more of Gibran.