Monday, May 29, 2006

Engineer vs. MBA

Take any IT company in India.

You would always find that most of the Engineers worry whether they are working on the latest in technology and keep pondering whether they should go for higher studies. Why not an MBA?

The other side of the story.
The more aggressive and confident new-age MBA constantly worries whether he/she is adding value to the organization and whether whatever he works on is good enough to go into his CV and whether his career is progressing in the right path - the shortest path to be the young CEO.

But they stand united in their worry over when they will get to go onsite.

And so it goes on.


Jay said...

Well, interesting attempt at a generalization. Don't agree with it though.

Every human being has different perspectives, priorities and aspirations. Generalizing on her based on what she did for her degree is I think, shallow.

Nice reading some of ur posts.

Anyways, came across your blog as u had put in both ZMM and the One.
I blog @

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Good to see you in here Jay. Nice blog you've got yourself too.

Good day!

~Nsn said...

Very True!

Nikhil Narayanan said...

so u back....
Me seeing myself in the second posn after an year...
Expecting longer posts..

juan said...

yahoooo...-er, goooogle, i've never dreamed of taking an MBA - maybe i am an abnormal engineer ;) i don't understand economics or market or sales or finance any more than rocket science! count me as one of those duh's who is happy to code around :P

so tell! howz mumbai? still liking it or no? tell, mail, blog! :)