Wednesday, June 07, 2006

An ode to the women in Mumbai local

No, this is not for women like you and me who blog as a hobby, take the internet for granted, wonder which place to have dinner at over the weekend, which multiplex to visit and those who have their mp3 players for company while travelling in the local and so on....

But this is for those women who.....

- belong to a good 3/4th of the entire women populace in Mumbai

- have never travelled by the first class in local, not because they want to save money to binge on the next Saturday night, but simply because they CANNOT afford it.

- juggle between office work and house work and don't have the privilege of having a maid.

- do their pujas or prayers in the train for the good of her husband and children. She carries a book with her in which she writes 500 Ramajayams (‘Praise the lord’s) during her travel in the local train.

- buy vegetables on her way back from work, so that she can cut them while sitting in the train - that is, if she manages to get a seat for herself.

I wonder what goes through her mind when she chops those carrots.

Would you call her submissive to fate or enterprising? Or maybe both?


Anonymous said...

You forgot about the additional 45 min in a crowded best bus from the station to her home.


pri said...

Now this is what u call the 'real mumbai'....The one which is quite different from much hyped glamour and showbizz..

juan said...

i'd call her practical. the kind who believes there is no point staring to the distant horizon (if she gets a window view else staring at nothing :) wondering why their lives are so difficult or messed up (latter need not be the case) and feeling sorry for herself. they'd rather get along with it and do what they can to be happy and well, try to be good! (not vice versa ;)
but of course that doesn't mean being submissive coz they are trying to be happy- if that makes any sense. but then if you really look at things, nothing around here, there and anywhere makes sense!
now, does that make any sense? :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Not really sure :)

But before I saw who it was, I was sure that it could only have been you!

Can't wait to see you.

juan said...

me too! :)
hopefully you get to stay somewhere near jp nagar. these days staying in the same city hardly equates to seeing each other very often :( [realized a cpl of days back hvn't seen my cousin here for over half a year!!!]
but then when one goes back well over half a dozen years, well, stuff like this don't matter. be prepared for a lot of hijacking, gatecrashing, kidnapping for shopping, eating, coffee-ing etc etc. :P

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Of course! The more the better :)
Hey you forgot the swimming sessions!

It feels like a homecoming to me :)

Anonymous said...

did u exaggerate a little bit....?

cactusjump said...

hmmm. i guess the men have it tough too no? commuting back and forth for meagre salaries to support their families? did u know some of them even travel all the way from pune to bombay and back every friggin day - never did understand the logic of that.