Monday, June 12, 2006

What makes women happy?

Overheard at The Observer and agreed to....

Too many people climb the perceived ladder of happiness and find it's leaning against the wrong wall. is undeniable that, in all our striving for perfection, in our sense of ourselves as projects to be tweaked and completed, we have lost sight of how to be happy.

Read the article to get an idea of what goes through the minds of an ambitious woman in today's world. Though this article is about women, it would make a good read for the men out there, who go crazy trying to figure us out.

Go on and read this.


Jay said...

Thanks. Good article.

hav always believed that this diff-b/w the sexes is an oversold concept. People seem to forget that essentially they belong to the same species.

juan said...

very exhaustive!
i don't think this is about the difference between the female and the male of the species. although it does highlight a woman's perspective - it is not compared with a man's, which the author could have used to prove the difference, but mostly hasn't. the article is not about the gender psychology difference, it is about the universal phenomenon of material girl/woman/man/boy - you never get enough to be satisfyingly happy. the "material" part (what and how much) changes every year/decade/century but the phenomenon is the same. it is a modern illness - one that gets worse with time and for which no one's concocting an antidote.

Anonymous said...

Not fair Priya.... U removed my comments.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Well anon, you gotta be dreaming!

I din't remove any comments. You are welcome to post it again.

richard said...

It's well-known what makes women happy but maybe it's hard to talk about it in public in India?