Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You never know what's Just Around The Corner

I love Mumbai for the food. The vada-pav. The pani-puri. The pav bhaji. The sugar cane juice. The kachori. The sizzlers.

I also hate Mumbai for the food. Especially for all the oil they put into it so generously. In the last month, I'd have consumed more oil than I have in the last 2 years. It makes me sick just seeing the golden yellow oil dripping out of almost any preparation that passes off as food here.

But then I got introduced to Just Around The Corner, and forgave Mumbai for all the damage caused by the oil.

Now before you can fully understand why I feel so strongly about JATC, you have to understand certain things about me.

- I am a health food freak. You tell me cockroach antennae are good for eyesight, I might actually consider snacking on them over tea.

- I love to see green in my plate. The greener the better. Be it palak or just plain green leaves in the salad. Sometimes, it gets so obsessive that I got to thinking that maybe there's more to this. Is that why a cow followed me and entered our home when I was a kid? A long lost relative? I would rather not pull at that thread.

- I eat very small portions and I don't like wasting food.

That's why JATC was a perfect dinner place for me. My food was colourful. Lots of greens and reds and yellows. Yummy soup. I got to choose what I wanted on my plate and could pile up as much as my plate could carry. I get to dress it up with what I liked too. And I didn't have to waste a morsel.

Loved the place. Loved the ambience. Loved the food.

You will love the place too if you enjoy good food and don't really mind the couple in your neighbouring table who tend to make out every 10 minutes. And with plenty of sound effects.

Thanks to the lovely couple who took me to Just Around the Corner in Bandra, Mumbai. I hope there's a JATC in Bangalore too.


Janus said...

Food hmm thats one of the passion that i share.health food freak,dont lie heheh.i can visualize this GWBE as a big fat Patti saying Purinchita Pullai in the near future.And i dont think cockroach
antennae will do any good than a rush to the nearest toilet.When in mumbai dont forget,in those july nights to make sure window is open for those breeze that is almost as beautiful as in calicut.An in the december nights to go to the povai christian church for a christmas mass and then for a bottle of wine ,hmmm the feeliing sooo high that i cant deny.And where do u get placed ????
been a visitor to ur blog frequently.Sorry to start the boring tuu tuu mee meee discusion of your pagerank is 5 and mine 0.
hope u will take t lightly

Sujith said...

Hey priya am also suffering in Trivandrum. Same as u. I like green in my food. But that doesnt mean the food given to me cannot be placed in your mouth. Oh before that am from kerala. And am from malabar area. I need food just to stop my hunger. I mean not a food maniac. And for the past 7 months am struggling in Trivandrum the capital of kerala for good food. You know that my favourite curry is sambaar and am enforced to have the ugly sambaar which u cant imagine here....

neeta said...

Oh food! Mumbai is one of those places where being a foodie feels like a sin coz you end up spending such a bomb on it. But of course, you feel that rather extreme satisfaction of having sinned and of having loved it.

If you haven't already, try the shakes at Mocha, salads at Pizzeria on Marine Drive (you would love the setting), try Ruby Tuesday too for the ambience, and I'll keep the recos coming as and when I discover or remember.

Have fun!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Yup! Tried the Mocha shakes. Can't compare it to the normal shakes you get everywhere else.

Too bad I am leaving Mumbai so soon. Before I could even start exploring :(