Sunday, August 27, 2006

God bless...

...the stranger who lives in my building and owns this linksys router and so generously lets his needy neighbour share his internet connection.
Thank you! :D

And my dear stranger, I also want you to know that I plan on trespassing on your network only until my own connection is up and running.

Now that gets me thinking. I was also planning on getting a connection and a WiFi router myself. But then how do I ensure that I am not so 'generous'? How do I ensure that the signal is just strong enough to connect inside my walls and don't go beyond them?

Any techies wanna help me?


crimsonbloat said...

Did your memory just fuse ? .. :-)

dinu said...

do you have a wireless router now ? If it is linksys router, it is pretty easy configure security and authorization.. Mr. Raktha Kara (Rajesh, I mean :-) ) will know more as he the security expert. but, I think, if you take an unlimited plan, you should return the generosity to your neighbours :-)..

If you are determinted to be selfish, you can do it with a mac-filter which will allow only your laptop to connect to your wireless router. This is what I have done. But other folks in the range can sniff at what do you do in the net. For securing your connection, you need some encription.. never tried that till now.. I am a person with no secrets.. so nothing to hide :-)

dinu said...

Forgot to mention the pranks you can play if you share your bandwidth with the society

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks Dinu!

And yup, I did get some gyan from the security guru. I haven't got the router yet, but planning to get one soon.

And hey those links are a good example for technical sadism!

Lost in trance... said...

there are easy options in the router setup which will enable u to set up WIP encryption. piece of cake actually.

more info here:

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey thanks LiT.

dinu said...
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dinu said...

buy a linksys.. contribute to our stockprice.. :-)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

set up an encryption key na...I am sure ppl around would do keedagiri eng to sniff out ur network key.....thats not all that tuff thoh!

gokrix said...

I don't know about the Linksys router, but on the Netgear WGR-614 I own, it is pretty much trivial to setup WPA-PSK or WEP security. The Netgear came with some good documentation and it I did not have any problems at all setting up a secure Wi-Fi network.

I would recommend that you try to setup a WPA-PSK encrypted network rather than a WEP one; WEP is reputedly easy to crack, because of certain deficiencies in its design.

If you want to read more about various encryption schemes, take a look at

For some ideas on how to actually setup a home Wi-Fi network, see: