Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our recruitment policy is....

"blah blah ........ and to get the right people on bored as soon as possible and ............... blah blah blah"

Who said they don't tell you the truth?


Lost in trance... said...

n thaz wat they do mosta the time rite? "get the right people BORED" :))

aqua said...

"I am very happy to be here with u guys. I just wanna give a brief intro abt our company. Our company is You-Name-It s/w pvt Ltd, an MNC having branches in US, UK, Uganda and Utopia.

Our new branch has been started in Moon last week and we are here to absorb u to the vacancies in the Techcity, Moon. This is a Fortune 50000 company and recently got the Best-Waste Employer award and a CMMIII level -5 company.

Your growth both vertically and horizontally is ensured in our company, since we r having a 7-star cafeteria opens 24*7 which serves pasta, panini, and all foods of ur choice.

There is a multispeciality gym, volley, footie and cricket court with nets(for mosquitosss).

U can look out for the facilities in our website

The remuneration is the best in the industry and the eligible candidate is given pension aftr retirement.

Our todays mission is to search the suitable talents 'and to get the right people on bored as soon as possible and' promote them to bench immediately. There recruitment consists of an apti, techni, HR, reasonin, logical and stupid(conducted by Proj Manager) rounds.

The candidates who will pass these rounds will have a medical check up. Once u pass this check up the Resident doc will determine ur candidature. Hope u r clear with this."

I think i have filled in ur blah blah here!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Oh boy, where do you work aqua?

aqua said...

hang on..and wake up.. he hey .. i am not an HR rep nor a Management guru.. it is a gist of all the walk-ins and interviews i have attended in the paaaast.. i hate the company presentation and the truth is 5% is in such kinds. So welcome to U-name-it s/w pvt ltd.(Not an employee refferal!)

raised hand said...

i raise my hand;in total agreement.

most of these hr people out there find the recruitment/induction process a splendid arena to show off themselves bragging about their company and its so-called achievements. what happens during these occassions are a veritable mix of mimicry + pompous statements + bloated figures + what not!