Friday, September 01, 2006

Google, docs and roundworms

"If you trust Google more than your doctor than maybe it's time to switch doctors."

I don't say this. Jadelr and Cristina Cordona do.

Is it really true? I am not so sure.

I admit checking Google for information on those skin rashes or excessive burping or that weird feeling in my throat and yup, in most of the cases, some Joe sitting all the way across the world could give me more helpful information than a doctor ever could.

But then oh yeah, there was this time not so long ago, when I had myself believe that the round red patches on my ankles were actually round worms and that they were gnawing their way through my legs in their pursuit to finally get to my heart :)
Not just that, I also managed to make some of my friends freak out with my theories and proofs as to how a family of round worms were comfortably parasiting on my leg. :P

So what?! Googling might throw you off the track once in awhile. But I somehow feel comfortable sifting through organised information than depending solely on a doc's memory and analytical skills to figure out what's going on. God forbid, what if he/she is one of those payment seat docs? Worse, what if they did Med School, like I did my Engineering? :O

Am I on the verge of hypochondria? I think I may've already crossed the line.

So I don't agree with that quote by Jadelr and Cristina Cordona, but they do have a cool video blog.


aqua said...

So u got a treatment plan for the parasites from g00gle? Or u got ur theory proved wrong?

Anonymous said...

onam greetings from thiruvananthapuram

Girl With Big Eyes said...

It was just a skin rash from some random allergy Aqua. All my worries ended up being just a joke to be recalled later!

Hey thanks Anon. You have a great Onam.

kp said...

google doesnt give u any info per se. it just comes up with alist of people who do. im sure u knew that. my point is in a medical scenario, the most likely people who do give out info on the webpages would be doctors!. so i guess the real question is 'how to access a doctor for his opinion'. the webpage makes it easy for people to ramble on..for much longer than they can possibly fit in during a consultation. but what u dont get on the web is authenticity for the info provided or the human touch. just for fun i googled 'round red patch on ankle' and it came up with many links. the first few ones which i checked, gave a LIST of differential diagnoses, that could cause a round red patch on ur ankle. and the list contains anything from a simple allergy to potentially fatal diseases like meningitis. now, who is gonna tell you what YOUve got. the doctor relies on his memory, diagnositc skills, own experience, peer experience, research, audits, and clinical EVIDENCE, before he makes a diagnosis or reccomend a treatment. and he/she does all that in 10 or 20mts..and i think its amazing!! Its years and years of sleepless nights, and hard toil, and constant updating, that gives them the ability to do next time some nerd looking doctor cures your loved ones' asthma or operates on his heart, you can thank him for spending those sleepless nights slogging rather than partying with his friends....u dont have to say it..a simple smile would do.
just another nerd doctor

aqua said...

Wishing u a happy Onam. Onashamsakal!

hotICE said...

wel, replacing docs with google? sounds interesting.. but I guess its become a common practice now. At least considering the cost of healthcare industry (oh yes, medical assistance is nothing less than business itself), one would want to confirm that he/she is getting or going to get treated for the right ailment. We commonly say "seek a second opinion", now with Gulgul (thats how I call google;-)) you can get more than second opinions...

PS: But I prefer wikipedia to Google for medical advise

educatedunemployed said...

And do you think the doctors that studied by paying for their education don't know zilch? What kind of generalisation is that?