Wednesday, September 06, 2006

He & She

She-mom - "You are not supposed to sleep in the same bed as your sister."
He - "Okie."
She-sister - "But, why?!" :(


raised hand said...

did you notice?
till now no comments...

it seems that people have identified this as a hush hush topic and have decided not to say!

well let me comment on this:
1. that boy is mama's boy 'coz whatever mama said he is ready to obey. could be that he is bit dumbo also; only the "thinking" type asks questions.

2.You would have deliberately made her ask a question because that would make her sound brainy or belonging to the "thinking" type. and on this premise you'd have thought "okay, see here we got something to generalise on and that too with head held high" - so smart if thats the case :-)
most unlikely :-) ha! ha! ha!

3. reflects our society's mind set.
there is a point in what you're trying to highlight. hats off for that!

raised hand said...

please remove the first comment. its same as the second one. its a tech fault, i assume.

and a slight correction too: please read whatever mama says, not said.
sorry if that offended 'stickler'.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks for your thoughts raised hand.