Thursday, September 21, 2006

PC to PC networking

A pleasant day in Bangalore. A scene inside the plush interiors of a typical IT office. Nobody is at work yet. But this lone girl is sitting in a corner trying to concentrate on something on her PC. But her PC was busy networking.

PC1 - "Hey rxpl08, you awake? Get out of stand-by. I need to talk to you about our plans. We might have to cancel it. Ping Ping Ping"

PC2 - "Oh my, you sound a little sick. What happened? I don't see the usual healthy boucne in the 1s and 0s"

PC1 - "I don't know. Everything was fine till yesterday. But today I have a couple of new large files on me. Getting a little tired carrying all these things. I have a bad harddisk-ache too."

PC2 - "Oh dear! Now that you mention it, you do look all fat and bloated up. I keep telling you not to take things this far. Come on, you know what to do!"

PC1 - "Oh no. Not again! I can't do it to the girl. She takes care of me real good."

PC2 - "Yes, you have to, my dear. It's for your own well-being. And I'm sure if she had a clue, she'll understand. Come on, don't delay it. Finish it off soon so that all will be fine in time for our midnight date tomorrow."

PC1 - "Hmmmm okie. At least that's something to look forward to. So I'll crash today and get that girl to format me so that I can turn over a new leaf. Start a fresh lease of life."

PC2 - "That's perfect!"

The girl, unaware of all this types away to glory.


Priya said...

*laughs out loud*

That was hilarious! I think my pc is about to have the exact conversation with its buddies too!

*goes back to work hoping that her pc keeps going for another day*

aqua said...

Ha ha .. that was really good.

PC2 is a server or a peer? From the conversation I could make out it will be a peer!! Only a peer can understand his peer's difficulties!

PC1: My RAM brain if full of waste files!


raised hand of hey said...

here comes the twist to the story:

the girl goes on typing...

unexpectedly, the guy who loaded PC1 with heavy files returns as he felt something uneasy about the way she behaved during the file transfer process.

And bingo,he got a 5GB External HARD DISK his hand...!!!

He walks in, smiles at the girl and asks whether he could use the PC1 for few minutes. The girl happily vacates the chair for him and walks off to get coffee from the coffee-o-matic in the corner of the room.

She makes coffee for two(actually, its the machine)and offers a cup to the guy.

The guy says thanks, take a sip and appreciates her for making such great-tasting coffee...!!!

the girl blushes!

Between sips he remarked, he'd noticed the way PC1 behaved while the file transfer process and that she looked very weary at that time. He felt, that it would be safe if he'd copy those files onto an EHD as a be-in-the-safer-side measure. what if she she crashes.

That being done, the guy gets up, saying thanks and leaves the office, copy-happy. The girl resumes her work...

PC1: Gosh! so 4 GB off my shoulders. I feel so relieved now. And happy too, 'coz the girl can now do her work...

PC2: And you'll be perfectly alright after a short stand-by nap for our midnight date!

kp said...

hey GWBE

Your computer actually went ahead and crashed herself anyways..did it?

btw, pathans dosas are great..their chutneys are a bit too salty for my taste.


Nuage said...

You used to write some great posts. What happened. I guess you are busy with the job and all that. But will be back looking for more ;)

Lost in trance... said...

hey i saw u on the hindu (or was it mathrubhumi?) yesterday! but wer r u?